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The 8 Hour Diet is a weight loss book written by David Zinczenko and Peter Moore. David Zinczenko is the well-known author of Eat This, Not That!. Contrary to what the name implies, this is not a miracle diet that can help all your weight magically disappear within eight hours. Instead, it’s an approach that only allows you to consume calories within an eight hour period. The author claims he lost seven pounds doing this.

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The 8 Hour Diet is a newer version of the Eat Stop Eat diet. It is designed based on the fact that body is designed for periods of fasting. The idea is that you allow your body to rest for 16 hours a day, instead of continually forcing it to digest food. You can set your hours to suit your schedule, and you should start by eating this way three days a week and gradually working your way up to seven. You should not drink calories or completely throw portion size out the window, but you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, as long as you’re within your pre-determined eight hour window. He says choosing healthy powerfoods rather than processed junk foods can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the diet, and people who delay breakfast should start the day with water, tea, or coffee. The plan says eight minutes of exercise per day is enough to supercharge the fat burning process.

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  • The 8 Hour Diet encourages eating healthy foods.
  • Good for those who don’t like to restrict their food choices.


  • The 8 Hour Diet seems very gimmicky.
  • This program combines principles from an older diet with Six Weeks to OMG
  • This approach is not good for people who do not have stable blood sugar levels.
  • Just eight minutes of exercise a day is not enough for overall fitness.
  • Processed foods are still unhealthy.
  • Overeating is still a real possibility with this approach.


The 8 Hour Diet is one of those programs that sounds good in theory, because you can eat whatever you want, but in practice, could be hard to follow. While you’re asleep for at least eight of the hours you can’t eat, you’re awake for far more than 8 hrs a day, and confining yourself to only eating while at work (or a similar schedule) may prove difficult. Instead, focus on a nutritionally balanced, reduced calorie diet and regular exercise routine that makes use of a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant and/or fat burner.

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    I’m on week 2 of the 8 hour diet. I’m doing the 8 hour eating window 5 days a week and 10 hour window on weekends. I do 45 minutes of cardio daily, and have lost 5 pounds. No junk food at all.