8 Week Body Makeover Review

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8 Week Body Makeover Review

The 8 Week Body Makeover is an in-house fitness routine located in Los Angeles, California. There are three levels of fitness available through the live-in setting – complete lifestyle change, extreme weight loss and boot camp. The live-in setting requires a minimum stay of one week in an apartment.

The official website explains each program in detail. There are also testimonials with before and after pictures available throughout the site.

List of Ingredients

Live-in fitness and diet program.

Product Features

The 8 Week Body Makeover is a strenuous program which seems to be mirrored after the hit television show, The Biggest Loser. People live in an apartment alone or with a roommate throughout the experience. There are three levels of accommodations including a shared one bedroom apartment, shared two bedroom apartment and a luxury apartment without a roommate.

Total workout time each week averages between 20 and 25 hours. Visitors can expect to workout a minimum of five hours a day during the stay. Meals are included with five eating times every day.

The Ultimate Life Experience, as described on the website, also offers two weekly massages, personal training, gift basket and HD television with DVR.

The total cost for the program is based on weeks and luxury level chosen. Base price for one week in a shared one bedroom apartment is $2,450 US. Total cost for a basic 16 week fitness program is $33,650 US.

If luxury accommodations are desired, the dieter can expect to pay $4,580 US a week or $64,900 US for a 16 week program.

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  • Meals are planned based on appropriate calorie count.
  • Dieters are expected to workout daily.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day.


  • The cost of the program is very expensive.
  • Not many dieters will be able to keep up with 5 hours of workouts a day.
  • Total body transformation could take several weeks which will cost more than $10,000 US in most cases.
  • There are no guarantees the program will work.
  • Health issues could prevent some people from finishing the program.


For people who have no limitations on budget, the 8 Week Body Makeover could be a viable choice. The exercise program is extremely intense, but results should come out of the fitness driven program. Nutritional classes and prepared meals make consuming all the right foods easy.

However, staying away from home for up to 16 weeks is not a choice for everyone. Home and work life could be greatly inhibited by the long stay required to complete the program.

Optimal support is only available at the highest level of payment. Other dieters are left with no weekly massages or personal training sessions. This may leave some dieters working out without the support they need to properly complete the program.

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