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The 90-Second Fitness Solution is a book that supports working out for just 15 minutes per week for optimal health benefits. Many exercise and fitness books maintain less exercise is needed than suggested by major fitness experts and authorities. In some cases, especially when the dieter is not working out at all, 15 minutes a week is a huge improvement over no workout time at all, but that does not mean 90-seconds a day is enough for optimal health benefits. The product description for the 90-Second Fitness Solution is a bit confusing. It states that a high intensity workout lasting just three minutes can help a person achieve a leaner body, but three minutes is more than 90-seconds.

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The 90-Second Fitness Solution Book.

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The official website for the 90-Second Fitness Solution book explains some of the details in the book by Peter Cerqua. The book contains healthy, reduced calorie recipes in addition to 90-second workout programs. This means any weight loss associated with the program could be associated with eating better rather than the 90-second workout. Clinical support is available to the reader, but no details about that support are listed in the book description.

When the reader clicks the link to purchase the 90-Second Fitness Solution book, they are taken to the store for all 90-Second Fitness products. The store includes links to Amazon.com for the book and several supplements and meal replacement products. There is no mention of whether or not these are associated with the book or not.

The trouble with the 90-Second Fitness Solution is the shortness of the workout programs. It takes more than 90-seconds a day to effectively burn fat and calories. Even the most intense workout would only burn a few calories in that time. We assume the writer is attempting to get the reader moving with hopes they will complete longer periods of exercise as time moves on, but that is just an assumption. In addition, the reference to high intensity exercise could mean even 90-seconds are too much for some dieters.

The 90-Second Fitness Solution sells for as little as one cent on Amazon.com.

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  • The book price is the lowest possible.
  • Healthy recipes are included in the book.
  • May help a dieter start a workout program.


  • 90-seconds are not enough time to exercise.


The 90-Second Fitness Solution seems to be just another self-help book claiming to fit in enough exercise in a short period. From 3-minute abs to the 8-minute TaeBo workout, there are plenty of short workout programs out there for the dieter to choose from – this accounts for just one more. Chances are the information in the book will include longer exercise routines and dieting tips to account for weight loss.

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