9th Law Diet Review

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9th Law Diet Review

The 9th Law Diet is a weight loss program created by Professor Jay Snaric. The program is available on CD and offers an online 9th Law Diet university in addition to the CD program. According to the official website, lifestyle modification produces the changes needed to lose weight effectively for a lifetime. Professor Jay does not use special berries or cleansing as part of the program and also believes the method of weight loss will be one even your family physician will approve of.

There is an official website for the 9th Law Diet. Testimonials, diet software and free information from Professor Jay is also available online.

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9th Law Diet CD series and access to the 9th Law Diet weight loss university online.

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The information about the 9th Law Diet is limited on the website. Instead of offering what the plan uses to increase weight loss success, Professor Jay quickly rules out the aspects of weight loss the diet does not use. For instance, on the 9th Law Diet plan there is no calorie, carb or fat counting. Workouts are a big part of the program, but gyms and special equipment are not needed. Home workout routines consist of short bursts of activity several times a week.

Taking a look at another official website brings the plan into focus. There are four wedges on a typical dining plate. Each of the wedges is a different size based upon the foods that need to be included within a given meal. Wedge A includes meats. The 9th Law Diet explains each of the meats allowed on the plan. Wedge B includes vegetables. Wedge C includes vegetables and Wedge D vegetables and dairy.

Wedges B, C and D all include a different listing of potential vegetables or dairy products to include on the plate. Condiments and spices are also allowed on the plan as long as they are included on the approved list.

The 9th Law Diet is based on three meals and three snacks every day. For the first 9 days the plan follows a more restrictive diet and then changes after the first 9 days.

There are some aspects of the 9th Law Diet available free online. Others require payment of a $27 monthly fee to access information.

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  • The 9th Law Diet is based on meats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise is promoted on the plan.


  • The cost of $27 US monthly can become expensive.
  • There is very little information about portion size online unless payment is made for access.


The 9th Law Diet is based on some “9th Law” of eating that is not revealed on the website. It seems the plan is based on exercise and controlling food portions which is one of the most effective weight loss plans today. However, someone looking for fat burning power will not find it in this plan.

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