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The blood type diet idea thought up by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is the diet based upon the type of blood that one has running through their veins. This diet strategy is based on the idea that a person’s diet should be based upon their blood type. This diet indicates that if one’s blood type is A+, it is more beneficial to eat grains and fresh fruit and vegetables than high levels of meat protein. The blood type diet also indicates that people with the blood type A+ benefit more from exercise that is gentle, rather than vigorous or strenuous.

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo is a doctor of naturopathic sciences as well as a medical doctor. He has published the book Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer, and Achieving Your Ideal Weight. In addition to claiming that a diet should be based upon one’s blood type, Dr. D’Adamo believes that the exercise routines of an individual should also be based upon this same factor. He claims in his book that certain medical maladies or diseases can be traced to improper diets and that he suspects that certain medical conditions are linked to one’s blood type.

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Diet based on blood type A+.

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The A+ Blood Diet consists primarily of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plant matter. This blood type should limit the intake of meat or processed foods, sticking primarily with vegetarian friendly and organic foods. While this diet does not state that one should avoid meat or processed foods, it is in the toxic range and should be eaten sparingly. In addition, the A+ Blood Diet also suggests that people of this blood type engage in gentle exercise and try to avoid stresses that involve heavy stimulus.

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  • Vegetables and grains are healthy and can be made into delectable meals.
  • No counting of calories or other nutrient information.
  • Structured dieting routine, no guess work required.
  • Exercise is encouraged.
  • Can bring awareness to the body and lifestyles, especially since one must see a doctor to gain his or her blood type information.


  • Can become difficult to follow if your tastes does not include an abundance of fruits, vegetables and grains.
  • Can become boring with a limited number of methods to prepare foods.
  • Can become difficult not eat processed foods.
  • No medical research backs up this system.
  • May be difficult to follow if two or more people are on the plan but have different blood types.


This diet may not be medically proven, but the overall aspects of the diet do not show signs of potentially harming any individuals who try it. In general it can be a very positive change in some people’s lives. Be sure to consult a doctor before starting the program though.

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    Big DouggLM

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    hi,please give me what kind of food i can eat,my blood group is a+.i don,t want any pills.thank you very much!


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    adrienne d. antonelli

    could i please have some a + recipes?


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    dlamini sindisiwe

    list of foods that a person who is blood group A+ should avoid to reduce weight


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    please can u list me foods i can eat as i am blood group A+ and can I drink any alchol, coldrinks? thank you


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    where can I get the avesil



    My name is Kabeer and My blood gourp is A+. So please let me know the diet plan for me.