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If you are like countless others, you are in search of an effective weight loss solution. On the bright side, there are countless options at your disposal. However, you may have a little difficulty wading through them all. Think about your weight loss goals before deciding on any specific product or program. At this point, we are going to examine A+ FreeWeightloss.com more closely.

Amongst the many books on weight loss out there today, you will find A+ FreeWeightloss.com. This is actually an eBook that is said to contain the secrets to real weight reduction and fat loss. Users are supposed to be able to maintain a healthy weight after adopting this program. Other than the eBook, dieters also receive 851 diet recipes, as well as a few articles, which inform you of the top 14 foods you should avoid, 100 ways to cut out 100 calories, and 10 traits of successful dieters.

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A+ FreeWeightloss.com is a website that promotes an eBook entitled “Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets.” It is emphasized at the top of the website that this is not a lose weight quick scam. This is an approach to weight reduction that is claimed to focus on fat loss only. The creator of A+ FreeWeightloss.com is one Mandy Brickman. Like many other founders of weight loss products, pills, programs, and supplements, Brickman was once obese. Since nothing was working to get rid of her unwanted body fat, she came up with her own book on weight loss. After a great deal of research on fat burning, Brickman developed a system that is described as no-nonsense. After dropping 25 pounds in the first month, she continued to shed a total of 116 pounds within the next six years. There are no supplements involved with the A+ FreeWeightloss.com system. However, the book can be purchased at any time through the main website for $39.99. It was on sale at the time of this review for $10.

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  • This approach to weight loss is only supposed to rid your body of fat.
  • There are a number of testimonials presented on the main website.


  • No convenient supplements are involved with A+ FreeWeightloss.com.
  • The official website hypes this eBook a lot, but divulges very little information.
  • There is no clinical data to support this weight reduction method.
  • Some people may prefer a simple diet pill formula, as opposed to reading an eBook.


If you take a peek at the official A+ FreeWeightloss.com website, you will notice that it is presented like a massive ad or infomercial pitch. All in all, it is difficult to determine what this weight loss approach really offers. Furthermore, there are so many other eBooks that make similar claims regarding secrets to fat burning and staying thin. Finally, many dieters may be happier with a convenient supplement formula that can be taken daily with water.

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