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One thing that most dieters can appreciate about weight loss nowadays is all of the options. It is certainly nice to have many different methods and approaches to getting thin and fit. This makes it easier to find one that suits your needs and goals. In this piece, we will take a closer look at the “A New Me” program.

Imagine a weight loss system with no exercise programs, no diet pills, no packaged low-fat meals, and no surgery. This is what A New Me has to offer. This is a weight reduction program suitable for both adult women and men alike.

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A New Me is a unique take on weight loss. Even though the official website is a tad elusive when it comes to revealing what this program is, the details are found under the FAQ section. Basically A New Me can be broken down into two different programs. One of which lasts for 30 days, while the other one lasts for 50 days. There are three different options for treatment. These are (1) a Natural Sublingual Spray, which is A New Me proprietary formula, (2) Rx hCG injections, or (3) Super Protocol, which combines the first two options. By getting involved with this program, you are potentially able to drop up to one pound each day. According to the primary website, this is a safe approach to weight loss, and it appears to focus primarily on fat deposits in the abdominal area. To put it plainly, the drugs you are given in this weight loss program cause your body to utilize nutrients that are stored in fat cells. Therefore you will not have to eat much. This will in turn stimulate weight reduction.

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  • Other medications are supposed to be okay to take while you are involved with the A New Me program.
  • On average, users are supposed to lose up to one pound each day on this program.


  • There are no clinical studies presented to support the claimed effectiveness of this program.
  • Some dieters will not appreciate taking daily injections.
  • It may be easier and more convenient to take an over-the-counter supplement for weight loss.
  • A New Me does not promote physical fitness.
  • There is no cost posted for this weight loss method.


When it comes down to it, A New Me certainly sounds interesting. After all, who does not want to shed a pound of body fat a day? However, taking daily injections does not sound appealing. Furthermore, there is no mention of a price for this treatment. There is only a phone number provided that allows you to call and acquire a free consultation. You may want to speak with your doctor before considering a program such as A New Me.

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