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A Physician’s Slimming Guide is a book written by Dr. Neal D. Barnard. This book was published in 1992 and since then Dr. Neal D. Barnard has been actively publishing other books on related topics that add to A Physician’s Slimming Guide. This program boasts teaching followers how to live healthier in turn losing weight and does not promote or promise dramatic weight loss. Dr. Neal D. Barnard states that A Physician’s Slimming Guide is not a “diet”, but a program in which followers will lose weight healthily and keep it off forever.

Product Features

A Physician’s Slimming Guide employs foods that are high in nutritional value and that will boost metabolism. User’s will eat often as to avoid starvation and they will not have to eliminate some of their favorite foods from their diet, but simply modify them a bit. This program involves more than eating the right foods, it also teaches users exercise and lifestyle techniques so that they can achieve long term weight loss. This program does employ a new set of food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes) and does however, eliminate meat and dairy from the diet. The foods that Dr. Neal D. Barnard proposes offer benefits such as added bone strength, less fat, better skin, higher immune system and cleaner arteries so that the person not only loses weight, but becomes healthier all around.

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  • A Physician’s Slimming Guide was developed by a doctor who has experience in nutrition and understands the human body.
  • This program teaches lifestyle change and not just how to lose weight quickly.
  • This program educates users how food works as well as its benefits and potential dangers.
  • This program helps users lose weight as well as improve their overall health.
  • A Physician’s Slimming Guide is comprehensive and easy to follow even for first-time dieters.
  • The program offers meal ideas so that users are not guessing on what, when and how to eat.


  • Users will need to buy his other books in order to get the full benefits of the program.
  • This program requires users to eliminate all meat and dairy from their diet.
  • A Physician’s Slimming Guide is very strict and users need to stick with it completely for maximum results.
  • A Physician’s Slimming Guide is almost 20 years old and modern people may not trust and/or understand his reasoning.
  • In this program users will need to read several books before they are able to begin the program.


A Physician’s Slimming Guide is just one part of a weight loss program. Dr. Neal D. Barnard promises much success to those who purchase his books and follow them precisely. Many people have lost weight due to weight loss books, but ultimately the choice is up to the individual dieter, and this is definitely not a suitable style or set of dietary restrictions for everyone.

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