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AA Expresso Slim is a body product line designed to remove the unwanted cellulite from the body. Using a combination of caffeine and the rubbing motions of the application process, it claims to help the body burn fat and cellulite, while one drops inches with only the application of the cream or gel. There is a whole series of products in the AA Expresso Slim collection, everything from body wash and gels to lotions.

This new product from AA Cosmetics, a sub-branch to Oceanic, is only a single line in their long line of products. Oceanic has had a long and illustrious life as skin care providers, bringing together personal care, salon care, and even pharmaceutical products. This leader in skin care has now come up with the AA Expresso Slim line to enhance the skin care of their customers while working to decrease their body fat ratios.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine, guarana, l-carnitine, Abyssinian oil and shea butter.

Product Features

While no true ingredient listings are available online, there are some key ingredients that the company has released. These ingredients are caffeine, used to help burn calories and fats under the skin and support cellular regeneration. In addition to caffeine there is guarana for its anti-oxidants, L-carnitine for skin structure, Abyssinian oil and shea butter to tighten the skin. Fillers and fragrances are then added to the mixture to come up with the desired consistency and scent.

No product pricing is available on the official website. It seems the product is sold outside of the United States which could make shipping and handling costs rise.

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  • Great for people who have lost weight and are simply looking to tighten the skin and blast away that unwanted cellulite.
  • Smells great and can give people a burst of energy after using it due to the caffeine.
  • Full line of products means that the same product scent can be used in the shower and continued throughout the day.
  • Backed by years of research and trial studies, making it a reliable product.
  • Great for toning what is called the trouble spots of the body.


  • Not intended for people with caffeine sensitivity.
  • Not intended to be used by children, and since it is a lotion, they may get into it.
  • Must be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise routine.
  • Cannot limit the fat or cellulite growth if a diet and exercise routine is not followed.
  • Must be used consistently.


This product is meant to assist with the tightening of the skin and the limiting of cellulite, not to assist with the loss of pounds of fat. AA Expresso Slim is also not intended to be used by those with caffeine sensitivities as there is caffeine in every product of this line, hence the term expresso, very similar to espresso. Great for those people who have worked hard to maintain or achieve a great waist line but need a little help keeping the skin looking great. Definitely something to look forward to using, provided you enjoy the extra hydration needed to maintain a healthy level after the addition of high levels of caffeine.

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