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Aangamik, also known as Aangamik DMG, is a dietary supplement meant to make the cells in the body less susceptible to disease or aging by enhancing their environment. This naturally occurring nutrient is found in the cells of animal and plant matter. In addition, the human body does produce this nutrient, although in low amounts. It is thought that by increasing the amount of Dimethylglycine, DMG, in the human body that the cells would be in better condition.

List of Ingredients

Dimethylglycine, Aangamik also contains xylitol, malic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable stearate. There are no artificial colors or flavorings added to the Aangamik DMG.

Product Features

The makers of this product, FoodScience, are well known for the vast number of supplements they produce and hold patents for. They have been working for twenty five years in the field of supplements and pride themselves on using only the best and natural ingredients. Their research with several colleges help to solidify their hold on being the nation’s best nutritional supplemental companies around.

The sweet, pleasant taste of the tablets is the natural flavor of the nutrient and other ingredients. This nutrient is suitable for individuals who engage in vegetarian or vegan lifestyles or are prone to allergies.

Aangamik is offered online through the official website for less an $20 US per bottle. Taking one to three chewables a day will vary the number of days the bottle of 60 will last. Twenty days is the least amount of time. The official website allows for direct ordering, but there is no return information and no free trials are noted.

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  • Can help to stimulate cell regrowth or repair.
  • Tastes great and comes in several different formulas and strengths.
  • Helps the immune system as well as other body systems.
  • Helps the body to better process oxygen, while helping to prevent damage caused by negative body conditions.
  • Helps to balance the body and may relieve acid reflux and other reoccurring conditions.


  • Effects have not been studies over excessive periods of time.
  • Long term effects are unknown.
  • Pills can get expensive, and the frequency of use can make it difficult to keep with the program.
  • Not intended as a dietary aid or energy booster, simply as a manner to enhance one’s lifestyle.
  • Results can be difficult to judge.


Overall, there may not be much harm in adding this nutrient to your daily vitamin regime. However, you should not expect to experience serious results from this supplement fast or even on a noticeable basis as it seems to work on the cellular level. oThere may be a change in reoccurring conditions, but it will take time. This is not a quick fix method or medicine.

As with all medicines, vitamins, and minerals, consult a doctor before adding this to your regime. There may be an adverse chemical reaction between the nutrient and any medication that you is currently on. Be sure to mention this supplement when starting any new medication. Stop if there seems to be any allergic or adverse side effects to the supplement.

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    Is aangamik DMG put under the tounge


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    i am currently using spariva n simbacort n if i need to i use arbuterol inhaler can i take aangamik with these meds my compound phamacist says i can what do u say?