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The Ab Away Pro claims a user can lose problem abs with just one minute of exercise per day. There is no exercise out there that will greatly change how the body looks with just one minute a day. The abdominal muscle group is relatively small requiring more than 1,000 sit-ups or flexes per day to account for any calorie burn. In just one minute, the user can expect very few benefits or changes in the look of abdominal muscles. We found bits and pieces of information on the Ab Away Pro, but the machine is no longer available for sale online. The product was sold through television commercials and offered on “as seen on TV” websites, but most listing not state the product is not for sale.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal Workout Machine.

Product Features

The AB Away Pro sits on the floor and includes two arm stabilizers and a back support. The user must use the same sit-up motion used during crunches to work away stubborn abdominal fat and increase abdominal definition. The back support reaches to the top of the head, offering more support than other abdominal machines, which is a huge selling point for the equipment. Users with extreme statures, very tall or very short, will not be comfortable using the machine.

On some websites, the Ab Away Pro is promoted with a pedometer and pulse watch. These will certainly help the dieter when performing other exercises but have no use when using the Ab Away Pro. Including these pieces in the package means, the dieter is supposed to be completing exercise in addition to using the Ab Away Pro.

The various product descriptions all say the same thing – you can lose that abdominal fat by using the AB Away Pro machine. This statement is not based on any clinical trials or research studies that we could find. Working the abdominal muscles is useless unless the dieter diets and exercises to lose the layer of fat between the skin and abdominal muscles. This machine does not specifically target abdominal fat.

The price for the Ab Away Pro is about $90, if the buyer can find it for purchase online.

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  • Information is simple to find online.
  • The machine is priced comparably to other abdominal machines.


  • Will not reduce stomach fat.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Will not burn calories.
  • May not be available for purchase.


The Ab Away Pro is a defunct abdominal machine that claims to help the dieter lose abdominal fat and slim down the mid-section. Like many other ab machines, these claims are used as a marketing tactic with no clinical evidence to back them up.

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  • 1
    Bill Walters

    Where can I buy replacement rollers for my AB-Away pro….????


  • 2
    Robert Shelton

    The tire on one of my ab-away pro rollers is breaking up has fallen off. Where can I buy replacement rollers for my ab-away pro machine?