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One of the hardest muscle groups to develop is the abdominal muscles. Dieters can perform crunch after crunch and still not achieve the results they desire. Without a lifestyle consisting of proper diet and supplementation, a dieter will never have a flat stomach. Many products on the market make claims of success, with little to no proof.

One product on the market that claims to work is the Ab Bar. In essence, the product is just a metal bar with a padded neck rest added for comfort. We have to question the effectiveness of a metal bar as it relates to stronger abdominal muscles. Since the product makes hefty claims, we will take a closer look to ensure it passes our scrutiny.

List of Ingredients

The Ab Bar is a padded metal bar that is designed to assist individuals with abdominal exercises.

Product Features

The Ab Bar is essentially a metal bar with a foam pad added to comfort the back of the head and neck. The product claims to help the dieter focus on the motion of the exercise. The result will potentially be a stronger core and stronger a stronger abdominal region. What we found is that the product does not force the dieter to focus anymore than performing crunches or traditional sit-ups.

We did like the price. At just under $7, the product will not break the bank. One must consider that a product with a small price tag is typically just an attempt to get consumers to buy a product under false pretenses.

We would have liked for the product to address the real manner in which a dieter gets a flat stomach, stronger core and washboard abdominals. The only way is to diet, exercise and consume the correct amount of supplements.

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  • Portable.
  • Compact.
  • The Ab Bar is inexpensive.
  • Includes an exercise chart.


  • The foam pad is uncomfortable.
  • The product is not an effective solution to traditional abdominal exercises.
  • The product does not address proper diet or supplementation as it relates to abdominal exercises.


When a dieter is serious about getting fit and wants a beach body, especially a six pack abs, they will seek out any product on the market. Unfortunately the products that claims to assist in stronger abdominal and core muscles are nothing more than marketing tools. There is virtually no product on the market that will develop a washboard stomach. What a dieter needs is a balanced diet as well as total body exercise and the correct amount of supplementation. Other than those three things, the dieter needs to simply work hard in order to get a flat stomach.

The Ab Bar could potentially assist the dieter with form or provide alternative exercises, but the product will not cause a flat stomach as expected.

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