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if you are striving to get in shape and strengthen your body, then there is no time like the present. This is what most advertisements for weight loss products emphasize. The only problem is, you want to make certain you choose the right one. Well, if you are looking to tone up your abdominal region, the Ab Circle Pro may be something you should look into.

The Ab Circle Pro is a machine or workout device that is claimed to last a lifetime. It is made from steel, and folds up for convenient storage in a closet or beneath a bed. It provides three different levels of resistance, and is stated to be ideal for any fitness level. It provides users with a “friction-free” track that keeps your body from ever touching the floor.

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Product Features

Ab Circle Pro is a workout device that is marketed as a treadmill for the abdominal muscles. According to the official website, users can lose their love-handles, and tone up their core. This product sells for $199.75 (plus $34.50 for shipping and handling). Included with the Ab Circle Pro is a Nutritional Guide, as well as a Workout DVD. The Workout DVD is supposed to teach users how to properly workout with this device. There is also a brief video found on the official website that demonstrates how the Ab Circle Pro functions. You essentially place your knees in two knee pads, and then grip the two handles of the device firmly. Then you use your abdominal muscles to swing the hips/body back and fourth (left to right). There are some testimonials with photos presented on the main website.

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  • This workout device encourages regular exercise.
  • There are a couple of testimonials provided on the primary website.


  • The Ab Circle Pro may come across to some dieters as gimmicky.
  • The cost of this product is around $235 total, which is pretty expensive.
  • This product does not involve any dietary supplements to encourage fat burning.
  • Although you can try out the Ab Circle Pro for 30 days, you still have to pay $14.95, in addition to shipping and handling fees.


All in all, the Ab Circle Pro comes across like one of the many gimmicky exercise devices on the market today. While this product does promote regular exercise, it is clearly geared toward the abdominals or core, which is what many other exercise tools are focused on today as well. Probably the primary issue that most dieters will have with this product is the cost, which is high at $235. A simple supplement formula that suppresses hunger and burns away fat may be more suitable for many dieters.

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7 User Reviews about Ab Circle Pro

  • 1

    Is it possible for pain in my elbows to be caused by using the ab circle pro? Other than sore knees, is there any evidence of knee damage?


  • 2
    F. Brown

    I’ve been useing the Ab cirlce pro…lost 20 lbs, but then one of the bars that holds the knee pad started wearing out, now the knee holder on the right is so loose, I fell off of it today n scraped my knee. Is there replacements parts for this? If so where?


  • 3

    N.Mungal June 28th, 2011
    I have a ab circle while using it I fell of and I hurt myself since that it has been collecting dust.


  • 4

    I have the ad circle and I HATE it. It kills your knees. Tried using knee pads to helps ease the pain. But, it didn’t do any good. Wouldn’t recommend anyone buying it. Save your money…. Now I am trying to sell it. Just want it out of my house.


  • 5

    I have had the ab circle for about a month now. I can no longer use it due to the skin that is no longer on my knees from the lack of adequate padding. The so called pads are basically plastic with a slight give. I also used it correctly as the video demonstrated although i extended my workout time because it was too easy and to get more results. After a month of very consistent workouts all i have to show for it is a smaller bank account and less skin on my knees. It could be much more effective with a steeper incline and actual pads.


  • 6
    A. Collard

    I am trying to decide between the AB Circle Pro and the AB Glider? Has anyone tried both and has a recommendation of likeing one more than the other? Please advise asap.




    I have ab circle pro. I was doing good for the first 3 days then I fell off n really hurt my knee. I think I was trying to go too fast (thinking I had the hang of it!) It took me weeks to try again and I’ve only used it like 4 more times. I think it is a good machine with consistency so I’m going to try it again starting today! Thanks for reminding me…it’s great motivation!! Oh yeah start on level one even if it seems too easy and make sure u put ur weight forward so u feel ur stomach pull u…not ur arms or legs! Good luck n God bless!!