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The Ab Circle, otherwise known as the Ab Circle Pro, is an innovative machine that uses the abdominal muscles in a totally different way than traditional abdominal machines. This machine goes with a constant side to side motion, rather than an up and down motion. This new motion helps to get people excited about the workout and allows for the use of more abdominal muscles in a larger range of motion. In addition, this machine can also be used as a cardio machine because it is almost frictionless and can be used to build the heart rate faster.

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The machine is marketed online and is not available in stores. It is a product of Fitness Brands, a reputable and reliable maker of various fitness equipments. The product offers a one year limited warrantee, although there is no guarantee of success unless the machine is used properly and with a nutritionally sound diet. To help users obtain success, there is a user tracker section on the website, as well as nutritional guides and a variety of accessories to go along with the Ab Circle Pro.

The Ab Circle Pro is made of high quality steel. It consists of a near frictionless roller that allows the leg supports to rotate around the metal frame. There are two handles and a counter/timer on the front of the machine. All of this is supported on two large feet at are attached to the circular body through four legs. This heavy duty machine is designed to fold and can be stored in rather small areas.

In addition to working one’s abdominal muscles, the arms will experience a workout due to having to hold the weight of the upper body and the legs and buns will also feel the burn as they work to support the back and maintain their position as the abdominals move them around the machine.

The Ab Circle is sold with a $14.95 trial and free shipping and handling. If the unit is kept, the buyer will be charged more than $200 US to keep the machine. A 30 day money back guarantee is also offered, but return shipping and handling must be paid by the buyer.

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  • Fun and exciting new way to work the abdominals helps to break the monotony of regular crunches.
  • Staying off the floor helps to promote hygiene and comfort.
  • Three different levels of resistance means that the machine can grow as you do.


  • The extremely small or large may have difficulty finding the position comfortable due to the distance of the knee placements at the starting point.
  • Loss of balance or concentration can send the machine in unexpected positions, potentially injuring the user.
  • A higher price range can limit the number of people who can afford to buy an exercise machine they may not use frequently.


Despite the higher price of the machine, there is no doubt that if one uses a sensible diet, success can be had on this machine. The fun and exciting movements of the machine are reminiscent of carnival rides rather than exercise equipment, making it more likely to be used than most other exercise machines.

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