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The Ab Coaster Deluxe is another home fitness machine that claims to tighten and firm abdominals. The machine measures 50 inches tall, 25 inches wide and 20 inches long. The steel machine weighs 65 pounds and must be assembled at home. The Ab Coaster website offers before and after photos and product testimonials. Consumers can expect to pay more than $250 with shipping and handling for the Ab Coaster Deluxe.

List of Ingredients

Ab Coaster Deluxe, Workout Video and Instruction Manual.

Product Features

The Ab Coaster Deluxe uses a padded seat on a track system for abdominal workouts. The user places knees on the padded seat while holding onto the handlebars. The track system allows the seat to move on an upward arc, much like a knee lift, to isolate abdominal muscles. There is no back support attached to the padded seat. In order to move the padded seat, the user must have upper body strength. Maintaining proper form may be difficult for overweight or obese dieters.

The Ab Coaster Deluxe has a weight limit of 350 pounds; higher than most other abdominal machines. Despite the higher weight limit, the machine focuses on one of the smallest muscle groups in the body. Abdominal workouts do not typically increase heart rate or metabolism, though the Ab Coaster Deluxe may prove to offer more than just an abdominal workout based on the lower body requirements to move the padded seat.

The marketing video for the AB Coaster Deluxe shows before and after photos from real life people who have used the machine to lose weight and trim their waistline. None of the users was extremely overweight when they started using the Ab Coaster Deluxe.

In addition to selling the Ab Coaster Deluxe, the official website suggests a supplement for additional weight loss support. The supplement is Metabolize by Simple Health. There is no ingredient list, but the dieter agrees to an auto-ship plan when they make the initial order.

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  • May work abdominals with slightly cardio effect.


  • The Ab Coaster Deluxe is expensive.
  • None of the before and after photos show extremely overweight users.
  • No details on the dieting plan.
  • May be difficult for some dieters to move legs on the padded seat.


The Ab Coaster Deluxe uses a track system to work abdominal muscles. Unlike other comparable machines, this could increase heart rate for a slightly cardio workout. There are before and after photos, but the testimonials do not discuss eating plans or other lifestyle changes that could have contributed to the weight loss claimed. We did not find any testimonials from dieters needing to lose a large amount of weight.

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