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The Ab Doer Pro is a chair-like machine that allows the individual to sit in it and complete an abdominal exercise. These exercises are done by placing one’s arms on the handles of the chair and pressing down with their abdominal muscles. The machine has a padded spine with a rolling ball that rolls along the spine and back to massage the back as the abdominals work. This machine has the ability to bend back and side to side as well, making it possible to hit all targets of the abdominal muscles and increase flexibility.

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Ab Doer Pro Machine

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The Ab Does Pro is a single piece of the larger Thane Company that provides many different machines and dietary supplements. This is the “As Seen on TV” company so they have a lot of different machines that help to lose weight and keep weight off. They have an intensive research group and offer downloadable diets and manuals for all of their equipment. They also have a return policy in case one is not satisfied with the product.

The machines provides a stable 4 point system with one seat to keep users off the ground. Padded handles work well to keep exercise comfortable. Roller balls and a spring spine allow for flexible, supportive movements.

The official website does not currently sell the Ab Doer Pro, but third party retailers charge less than $100 US for the machine.

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  • Having an exercise piece as opposed to not having a piece will make people more inclined to complete the exercise.
  • Keeps people off the floor.
  • Allows people to learn how to complete a crunch when just beginning to work out.
  • Great for rooms with heavier traffic or group exercise rooms.
  • No weights means no dropping the heavy weights potentially hurting yourself or the floor.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Easy to cheat with, allowing one to use their arms rather than their abs.
  • Roller ball can get caught in long hair, it is best to keep hair pinned up or out of the way.
  • Can quickly become obsolete as one’s core strengthens.
  • Does not allow for the lower abs to work to their full potential.
  • Does not allow for larger individuals since individuals must fit in the arms to use it.
  • Takes up space where a crunch on the floor does not.
  • Springs can be damaged with excessive use or weight applied to them.
  • Machinery must be assembled and this requires tools.
  • Does not provide significant amounts of resistance to the abdominals, making it similar to crunches in a regular chair.


Overall this product has not gotten great ratings. For people who are just beginning to work out, this may be a great product to use. For those who are experienced gym goers, this can be viewed as a waste of money and room. It is all up to one’s own experience level if it is a product worth getting.

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4 User Reviews about Ab Doer Pro

  • 1
    Sheila Sawyer

    I need a new spring for my Ab-doer Pro. How can I get one?


  • 2
    Joe Hamel

    What is the weight restrictions for this device? Is there any weight restrictions?


  • 3

    I am only 5’2 and have a concern about the machine being adjustable to my short spine ie. the roller and then the metal post up the back hitting my head ????



    I am 5ft 3 and the abdoer works fine without hurt or damage to my spine, head or otherwise.
    I have owned my abdoer for 5 years now…