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Brett Fischer, the inventor of the AB Dolly is a licensed therapist and a strength coach. He created the product when he became frustrated with the lack of quality abdominal workouts. He used his experience with multiple demographics to create a device that could be used by anyone.

While it is a convenient option to get into shape in only 3 minutes a day, the workout looked complicated for beginners, and definitely difficult to master. Also, the machine has produced good results, but most of the results shown are from professional athletes or body builders.

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Product Features

The AB Dolly machine is light weight, and very portable. It has a money back guarantee, and boasts many satisfied customers. It claims that it uses your own body weight as you move yourself around to work out your abs as well as other core areas.

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  • With only three minutes of workout each day, the AB Dolly says that it will give you iron, chiseled abs. As well as working out your abs, it also works out other muscle groups (back, buttocks, hips, and thighs).
  • This machine is more affordable than a complete home gym, and can be stored in a much smaller area.
  • The company selling it also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Although there are some advantages to the AB Dolly, it has several disadvantages as well. Although it is cheaper than a complete home gym, it is about two or three times the cost of similar products that offer the same results.
  • Also, even though the main market target is the overweight population, many users who were overweight complained that this machine was very uncomfortable.
  • Results vary for those using this product, and the best results were achieved when a supplement, diet, or additional daily exercise was added to the workout regimen.
  • One major disadvantage to this product is that it is best used by the people who need it the least. Physically fit people who are already in good shape are the ones who benefit most from this, as they are capable of utilizing a full range of movement.
  • Another disadvantage is that while they showed many users with chiseled abs, they did not include any before pictures to verify that there was a significant improvement.


The AB Dolly has a good overall value if you are looking to supplement a preexisting routine. However, if you are looking to get into shape, or lose significant amounts of weight, you should look into some type of home gym, and consider a thermogenic fat burner as well. The best way to lose weight and get into shape is to find a product you are comfortable with, and that you enjoy, and reinforce it with diet and exercise to achieve maximum results.

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    I need to share something I hear all these bad things when I read about the ab dolly, but for me it has been life changing I was born with spastic diplegia from lack of oxygen at birth so it left me with a weak trunk I can’t do the traditional sit ups or exercises like that to strengthen that area. I was stuck using a walker for what I thought would be the rest of my life because, I just couldn’t get the core strengthening I needed. Then I tried the ab dolly and that is the only thing (besides determination)that got me out of that walker that I won’t ever have to use again. I’m now on crutches I’m walking better and stronger than I ever have. My tummy has definition it never had before. So I will always be thankful to the creator of the AB Dolly, because it totally made what seemed impossible possible. It may not work for extremely overweight people but, it is good for someone who can’t do traditional exercise. Believe me when I say this it is no lie the AB DOLLY CHANGED MY LIFE.