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The Ab Energizer was developed by Electronic Products Distribution Inc. The Ab Energizer is not a machine or exercise system used to achieve strong, toned abdominal muscles, but a belt that uses electrical impulses so to contract and stimulate the abdominal muscles and then relaxing them in the same fashion as a traditional sit-up. The product states that it can be used by both men and women and that people of all fitness levels can use it as long as they can properly fit the belt around the appropriate area. The Ab Energizer can also be used to tone, tighten and strengthen the back muscles, thigh muscles and gluteal muscles. This product does not teach users how to workout the rest of the body, perform cardiovascular exercise or develop better eating habits.

Product Features

The Ab Energizer only needs to be used 10 minutes a day to achieve results. In those 10 minutes users will experience 700 muscle contractions. This product is said to target multiple muscle groups so that users can get evenly toned, tightened and strengthened abdominal, back, thigh or gluteal muscles. The Ab Energizer has six different modes and 10 different settings for users to choose from. Since this product does not require any movement, users can use it sitting down watching TV or at the office without worrying about sweating. The Ab Energizer also includes an additional electronic exercising unit, Ab Energizer Tightening Gel, Ab Energizer Dietary Supplement, a carrying case and an instructional and weight loss guide.

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  • The Ab Energizer can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • This product requires no fitness level to be used.
  • This product claims that it only needs to be used for 10 minutes a day at the users desired mode and setting.
  • A stronger back and core leads to better posture and less back pain.
  • The Ab Energizer does not require any additional products and does not have any space requirements to be used properly.


  • Users with pacemakers and other electrical implants should use caution.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Users will not get a full body workout with the Ab Energizer.
  • Residents of California are unable to purchase this product because of restrictions put in place by the State of California.
  • This is primarily for developing ab muscles which, despite commercial claims, is not the same thing as weight loss. It really depends what the user is looking to do.


This product may seem effective and easy to use, but little concrete evidence is available to back-up its claims. This product is intended for those seeking stronger and more defined abdominal, back, thigh and gluteal muscles and will not be effective in overall steady weight loss. The choice will be up to the individual if they feel they can achieve their desired results with the Ab Energizer.

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7 User Reviews about Ab Energizer

  • 1

    Hi if it doesnt want to go on anymore does that mean its broken or the battery is flat


  • 2

    I need gel. Where can I get it or is there a substitute?



    I need gel where can i get it


  • 3

    I acquired an Ab Energizer & researched the Gel. Found the company is out of business.
    A good Substitute I use is a Damp Paper Towel that runs the full area of the front belt. The Gel is a Conductor of the impulses, and the key is the dampness. It works for me. I still have some fat to get rid of, but I do have firmer Abs. I also adjust the belt to use it on my obliques & Back. It runs in 10 min increments, & I usually do it 3 times while on my treadmill.
    It’s only PART of a workout plan, still doing cardio & other stuff to help lose weight & tone up. This is just an added bonus to help a specific area.


  • 4

    My energizer tingtenin gel expired,is it good 2 use it again and if not where would I purchase another n how much will it cost?


  • 5

    I need gel. Where can I get it or is there a substitute?


  • 6
    veronica salgado

    hace tiempo me regalaron un abenergizer paquete que contenia un gel un bote de pastillas y una faja y aparte de que baje de peso me dio mucha energia ahora quiero saber como puedo conseguir otro pauete igual y el precio gracias