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What You Should Know

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The Ab Flex 2 is not a weight loss system, but a small, light-weight machine that promises that users can achieve stronger, more toned abdominal muscles. This product is targeted towards men, but it can be used by women as well. The Ab Flex 2 does not state whether or not a user needs to be at a certain fitness level in order to properly use the product. This product does not teach users how to workout the rest of the body, perform cardiovascular exercise or develop better eating habits.

Product Features

The Ab Flex 2 is a light-weight machine that adds resistance to sit-ups and crunches while allowing users to sit in a chair and not lie on the floor. This product promises to provide users with a complete abdominal workout without them taking the chance of straining their neck and back like in traditional sit-ups and crunches. The Ab Flex 2 comes with spring plus resistance bands that allow users to crunch down towards their lap, use muscle building resistance and avoid lying on the floor. The Ab Flex 2 is designed to resemble a butterfly. It has a spring-loaded column with two handles on each side that are shaped like butterfly wings so that users can get a good grip on the product as they perform their exercises.

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  • The Ab Flex 2 is easy to use and prevents users from having to lie on the floor like in traditional abdominal exercises.
  • It uses spring loaded resistance bands so that users can add gentle resistance to their abdominal workout.
  • The Ab Flex 2 can be used by both men and women.
  • This product helps to prevent neck and back strain while providing an effective abdominal workout because users can sit on a chair while performing their exercises.


  • The Ab Flex 2 only helps users strengthen and define their abdominal muscles and ignores the other muscle groups as well as does not show users how to perform cardiovascular exercises or how to eat right.
  • This product is difficult to find and most places do not offer a money back guarantee.
  • The Ab Flex 2 does not state whether or not a person needs to be at a certain fitness level to benefit from the product.
  • This product develops ab muscles, which could reduce the waist line, but which is not necessarily the same thing as overall weight loss.


The Ab Flex 2 is a product that allows users to pump up their abdominal workout with resistance while helping users prevent strains because they do no have to lie on the floor. This product can be hard to find and most places share very little information about the product. Whether to choose the Ab Flex 2 will depend mostly on the fitness goals of the individual.

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6 User Reviews about Ab Flex 2

  • 1

    Ab Flex. Nifty little machine, light, easy to use. I worked out for a few hours and the next day my back is in agony. Beware, if you have back issues this isnt the machine for you.


  • 2

    I live in Cape Town and I’m looking too buy a Ab Flex machine. Do u know where I can buy one please please please


  • 3

    I live in the u.K. Where can I buy the abflex 2. I been looking over the internet for one. Do you know where I can buy one.
    Do you know the contact details, or orderline.


  • 4

    hola, sabes donde puedo comprar este producto. Yo soy de Chile no sé si lo mandan hasta acá. Ahora salio el AB FLEX II, donde lo puedo comprar… por fa ayudame


  • 5

    How do I buy a replacement band for my Ab Flex or just buy a new Ab Flex II? I have a bad back and this is by far one of the best exercises I’ve found, I’ve been using it for years. I looked all over and can’t find anywhere to actually buy it. Has the company gone out of business? Is there something similar I can get? Please help-I really miss using my Ab Flex!
    Thanks, Alissa Cooley



    use a bungee cord