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What You Should Know

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The Ab Flex is an electronic belt that stimulates abdominal muscles. The official website provides a detailed description, contact information and a money-back guarantee. There is a charge for the 30-day trial of $14.95. When ordering, the consumer must pay the $14.95, a first payment of $29.99 and a shipping charge of $9.97. This totals more than $54. If the product is returned within 30 days, the purchase price will be refunded. If the product is not returned, the customer agrees to pay an additional $90 for keeping the belt.

List of Ingredients

Battery operated electro muscle stimulation belt.

Product Features

The Ab Flex system comes with the Ab Flex belt, electronic controller, instruction manual, contact cream, eating plan and exercise plan. The contact cream lasts only one-month, so there is an on-going cost associated with using the Ab Flex. There is no information on what types of food are allowed on the eating plan or the types of exercises suggesting in the fitness plan. The main website does not reveal where the customer can obtain more contact cream after the first 30 days.

The 30-day trial is a bit confusing. The product takes two weeks to arrive, but the 30-day trial starts on the day the Ab Flex is ordered. This leaves the customer with just two weeks to try out the Ab Flex and return the belt if they are unhappy with the product. The customer must pay return shipping and handling for the Ab Flex and all extras included in the package. In addition, the customer is charged an extra $14.95 just to take part in the free trial even if they do not intend to return the product.

Electro muscle stimulation works by sending electrical pulses through the muscle to mimic exercise. The Ab Flex must be located near the muscle for the unit to work. Overweight and obese dieters will not gain the results described in the product description.

The total price for the Ab Flex is $150. This is more expensive than some EMS (electro muscle stimulation) belts.

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  • May tone and firm muscles.


  • Costs more than other comparable products.
  • Will not work for overweight or obese dieters.
  • The company charges a fee for the free trial.
  • The unit is battery operated and requires contact cream – both additional costs.


The Ab Flex is a belt that claims to slim, trim, tone and firm the abdominal muscles. In order for this belt to work as claimed, the user must be at a normal or ideal weight. None of the models used in product marketing are overweight, thus the average dieter would not see the results claimed in the marketing literature. The 30-day money back guarantee actually lasts only 14 days (or less if shipping is delayed).

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