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When working on weight loss, once you have started to reach your target you will find that exercise is now not only about losing weight but also about building muscle and sculpting your body to the way you want it. Ab Lounge 2 is a product designed to help with this process and claims to strengthen and flatten your abdominal muscles while sitting down.

Ab Lounge 2 looks like a type of chair, and this is what allows you to sit on it and to do crunches while still keeping your neck and head supported at all times. It also comes with grips for the hands as well as a strap for extra support throughout exercise. The product costs around $100 at all retailers, which is reasonable compared to similar products in the industry. This cost also includes an instruction video to help you get the best out of the chair.


The Ab Lounge 2 is an exercise machine. The only ingredient is the machine.

Product Features

This fitness product promotes exercise as a key part of weight loss and does not profess to make any changes without some effort. It also comes with an instructional video to make weight loss easier, as well as a guarantee should the product not work out for you. Ab Lounge 2 is specifically designed for the abdominals and not for the whole body, so is best used in conjunction with other methods of exercise as well as a healthy diet.

Ab Lounge 2 does have a weight limit meaning individuals who weight more than 250lbs should not use the product. The product itself also weighs over 30lbs meaning you should be careful when using and storing it. It should also be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, no advice about which is included with the product itself. The product is designed for the toning of individual muscles rather than a complete weight loss solution.

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  • The Ab Lounge 2 can increase your muscle tone.
  • The Ab Lounge 2 folds up for easy storage.


  • As with similar equipment, you will need to use the Ab Lounge 2 on a regular basis if you want to see any type of results.
  • This product has a weight limit of 250 pounds.
  • The Ab Lounge 2 isn’t a complete weight loss solution.


Like similar home exercise equipment, the Ab Lounge 2 has a lot of potential to help you lose a few inches around the waist and hips as well as strengthen your abdominal muscles. The problem with any type of home exercise equipment is that you will have to motivate yourself to use it on a regular basis or it just becomes a heavy piece of equipment taking up space in your home. If you like what the Ab Lounge 2 has to offer, we recommend using a weight loss supplement in addition to your exercise regimen to maximize your results.

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  • 1
    roberto t. sepe

    I have AB lounge 2, it is working good for me. the problem is all the cloth parts are worn out.Is there a replacement for this?


  • 2
    Monching Aguila

    I received an Abs Lounge 2 as a gift. When I first tries it, I became so dizzy, it is normal? I am 50 years old and weight about 190 lbs. do I have to see my doctor before using this equipment? thanks a lot.


  • 3
    Maria Rivera

    hello i look for ab lounge tm2 for exericse lost weight i need read my book lost i cant find for book than i am deaf. thank u maria


  • 4
    Maria Rivera



  • 5
    Will Wehe

    How many reps/sets should i do a day?