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The Ab Lounge Sport is an abdominal exercise product marketed by Fitness Quest. The product has a cloth seat which moves horizontally and vertically engaging abdominal muscles during exercise. The claims associated with the Ab Lounge Sport are not supported by clinical studies or scientific proof. Customer reviews are available, but only result in the positive side of the product.

After extensive research, we found the Ab Lounge Sport to serve one purpose, exercising the abdominal region. Although claims are associated with producing the perfect abs, the product serves no purpose in weight loss or weight management. If the dieter has a layer of fat between the skin and abdominal muscles, even the strongest, most defined abdominals will not show through.

List of Ingredients

Home abdominal exercise machine.

Product Features

The Ab Lounge Sport consists of a steel frame surrounded by canvas. The total weight of the Ab Lounge Sport is 37 pounds and the machine is tested to hold approximately 250 pounds. The hinges on the Ab Lounge Sport allow for easy storage as the unit can fold and be stored out of the way when not in use. The weight limit reduces the number of people who can use the machine.

The Ab Lounge Sport moves in a jackknife motion from a sitting position to a horizontal position. Unlike other abdominal machines, the Ab Lounge Sport moves beyond 180 degrees or lying flat. Although the canvas is designed to support the neck and back, moving beyond 180 degrees creates an opportunity to hyper extend the back muscles.

The Ab Lounge Sport is available on the official website for less than $100. The machine is also available offline through various retailers. Fitness Quest offers a 90-day warranty on the product. There may be a shipping and handling fee if the customer has to return the product for service.

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  • An instructional DVD is included with the Ab Lounge Sport.
  • The product is available on the official website.
  • The product folds for easy storage.


  • The Ab Lounge Sport cannot be shipped internationally.
  • Not designed for dieters extremely tall or short.
  • No clinically supported claims of weight loss.
  • No designed for dieters more than 250 pounds.
  • Performing the exercises can lead to hyper extending the back muscles.


The claims of the Ab Lounge Sport are not supported by clinical research. Weight loss is not guaranteed by the Ab Lounge Sport, nor can perfect abs be developed if the dieter does not follow a reduced calorie diet and cardiovascular workout program. Dieters with additional fat on their body will need a regimen of regular diet and exercise in order to achieve weight loss goals. The same results can be achieved with traditional crunches.

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  • 1
    Marie Pierre

    how to order it


  • 2
    catherine Weatherstone

    My AB was put away for a long time. Now I’m well enough to use it’ but have a problrm putting it together. Can you help ne locate the instructions? I thank you very much for any help!

    Catherine Weatherstone


  • 3

    HI. I need parts for my ab lounge. Where can i purchase them? I need the bungee cord looking things. thanks