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The Ab Lounge Ultra, manufactured by Fitness Quest, is a fitness machine designed to help a person strengthen the abdominal muscles. The Ab Lounge is so called because of its resemblance to a chair, which allows the exerciser to do a greater variety of abdominal exercises than traditional crunches or sit-ups. The Ab Lounge Ultra retails for $149 dollars and features increased portability and versatility over previous versions.

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The Ab Lounge Ultra features a steel frame with a mesh seat and back, rated to support up to 250 lbs. The unit weighs 37 lbs in its collapsed position, and can be stowed away after use. The Ab Lounge Ultra is designed to allow a person a greater range of motion than the traditional crunches – an exerciser can bend beyond 180 degrees, working the abdominal muscles harder. The design of the machine as a “chair” also ensures that the user is doing the exercises with the proper form, reducing strain on the neck. As with all fitness machines there is the potential for injury with improper use, or due to equipment failure. The Ab Lounge Ultra also comes with an instructional video, including set-up instructions (there is some assembly required) and hints on how to perform some of the exercises. The chair has set dimensions – 39.5 inches long x 30 inches wide x 45.5 inches high – that cannot be expanded or contracted for people of different heights. The chair is designed to minimize uncomfortable stress on the neck, head and knees and allow the user to concentrate on the motion of the exercise itself.

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  • Ab Lounge Ultra ensures “perfect form” exercises.
  • Easy to move – can be quickly collapsed and stored away.
  • Instructional video included with purchase.
  • Generally comfortable.


  • Fixed dimensions of the Ab Lounge Ultra make it unpractical for taller or broader people.
  • Only covered by a ninety-day warranty.
  • Some assembly required.
  • Parts can wear out or break with use.
  • Like all machines, must be used with caution.
  • Not a true weight loss machine.
  • No guarantee of effectiveness.


The Ab Lounge Ultra, despite some nice features, is not truly intended for weight loss. It’s designed to increase muscle tone and strength rather than burn fat and drastically reduce weight. While the Ab Lounge Ultra can be used to supplement other weight loss methods, it never claims to result in drastic weight loss by itself. Unlike true weight loss methods such as herbal supplements, the Ab Lounge Ultra is designed to target specific muscle groups rather than support general weight loss, and includes no performance guarantee. For most individuals it is highly unlikely to result in drastic weight reduction.

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