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The Ab Master Pro is one of the many abdominal exercise machines that allows the user to support the neck and back while performing basic exercises such as crunches. This machine resembles a workout bench, with a movable seat and back designed to eliminate unnecessary stress on the neck and back, freeing the user to concentrate on the form of the exercise. The maker, LG Med Supply, provides medical supply services to both private individuals and healthcare facilities. Their Ab Master Pro is intended to provide a quick and easy alternative to traditional floor exercises.

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The Ab Master Pro weighs 30 pounds, and relies on hyperextension to increase the effectiveness of tradition crunches and curls. It is manufactured by LG Med Supply and can support up to 275 lbs. Retail is around $89.99, one of the cheaper options on the market. By placing their arms on a crossbar, users are able to recline almost 200 degrees, thus creating the hyper extension that produces the stress on the abdominal muscles. Users can adjust the resistance setting to increase the intensity of a workout, while the moveable bench supports the back and relieves stress. While padding covers the seat and back rest, to decrease stress, limit adjustability means that shorter or taller people may not be able to properly use the machine. The design of the Ab Master Pro makes exercises far easier than traditional floor positions, but users need to be careful to use the machine properly or risk undue stress on the machine or themselves. Any extras included in the price are rather limited; only an instruction and exercise guide come with the machine, and no warranty is included.

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  • Ab Master Pro relieves the stress of floor exercises.
  • Adjustable workout intensity.
  • Collapsible for easy storage.


  • Limit size and adjustability.
  • Not intended for weight loss.
  • No satisfaction guarantee.
  • No warranty included.


The Ab Master Pro is one of many abdominal exercise machines. Unfortunately, it is only that . . . an exercise machine rather than a true weight-loss option. Simpler than many other entries in its field, the machine offers an extended range of motion for both beginning and advanced users, with adjustable resistance levels to increase the intensity of the workout. The Ab Master Pro provides targeted exercises to increase abdominal strength, but in the end it does not provide a guaranteed weight loss method. There is no warranty included with purchase, or any guarantee even of strength results, let alone weight loss. Perhaps when coupled with proper diet or herbal weight loss supplements the machine would assist with weight loss, but is very unlikely to serve as a stand-alone method to lose weight.

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