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The Ab Max Ab Glider was developed by Gold’s Gym and promises that users will experience an intense abdominal workout. This small, light-weight piece of equipment can also be used to work out the glutes, back, arms and shoulders. Users can control the amount of resistance by either moving the Ab Max Ab Glider further away from the body or keeping it closer to the body. This piece of equipment can be used by both men and women, but users will need some degree of fitness to be able to use it effectively and easily.

Product Features

The Ab Max Ab Glider comes with a non-slip neoprene mat in which losers can place under their needs for comfort while exercising. This product contains four wheels (the wheels will work on all surfaces including carpeted floors) so that is can be more stable for users when exercising. The wheels are also made of a non-slip PVC so users do not have to worry about the Ab Max Ab Glider slipping away from them. Users can also remove the handles so they can store it or travel with it easily. This product recommends users start developing a good diet, but does not offer advice. The Ab Max Ab Glider claims to only require users to use it a few minutes a day, a few days a week.

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  • The Ab Max Ab Glider is small and light-weight and can be used virtually anywhere.
  • This product has removable handles so users can store it or travel with it with ease.
  • The Ab Max Ab Glider is easier to use compared to traditional crunches and sit-ups.
  • The product is inexpensive and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • This product not only helps to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles, but the muscles of the glutes, back, arms and shoulders as well.
  • The Ab Max Ab Glider only needs to be used a few days a week for just a few minutes a day.


  • If a user does not possess a certain degree or fitness they could risk injury to themselves when using the Ab Max Ab Glider.
  • It is difficult to find this product because it is sold out often.
  • Users with back pain and/or stress are advised to take caution when using the Ab Max Ab Glider because further injury could result.
  • This product does not educate users on how to achieve total body weight loss.
  • This will help build abs, but may not be the most efficient when it come to overall weight loss.


The Ab Max Ab Glider is a small piece of fitness equipment that promises to strengthen and tone certain muscles. This product is not ideal for overall, steady weight loss. Whether or not a person decides to utilize this product will depend on their individual fitness goals.

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  • 1

    How much batteries does it use?


  • 2
    Raymond Chang

    Which is better the AB Glider or the P90x? Which would you recommend?


  • 3

    how many minutes a day should you use the ab glider a day



    20 minutes 3-4 days/week is recommended.


  • 4



  • 5
    stephanie arthurs

    how good is the ab glider and does it only gives a ab workout? can i get a full body workout from the ab glider?



    yes you can get a full body work out. i have one..got a better deal at sams club