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The Ab Revolutionizer is a complicated and confusing abdominal machine that retails for $70 plus shipping and handling. A padded mat is attached to two arms with circular pads. Handlebars are attached to either side of the padded seat. From the pictures on the official website, we assume the user rests the backs of the knees on one padded arm and the feet under the other. The Ab Revolutionizer works by keeping the legs in a set position so the user can rock the legs back and forth, engaging abdominal muscles. There are no videos on the official website to show the user how to perform abdominal exercises.

The official website for the Ab Revolutionizer supports direct ordering, so potential buyers do not have to order from an outside retailer. The kit comes with an instruction manual and a poster listing exercises the user can perform on the machine.

List of Ingredients

Ab Revolutionizer, Instruction Manual, Instructional Video, Head Rest and Exercise Poster.

Product Features

The official website for the Ab Revolutionizer gives very little instructional information for the abdominal machine. We assume the equipment holds the legs in place while the user completes a crunch-style sit-up or leg lift from a laying position. Still photographs only show how to place the legs in the machine, not how to use the machine for a workout. There is an instructional video included with the Ab Revolutionizer, but the potential buyer needs more information on how to use the machine before spending $70.

The testimonials show before and after photos from people who have lost inches and pounds using the Ab Revolutionizer. One woman claims moving from a size 14 to a size 6, but we doubt this result is strictly associated with the abdominal machine. Ab workouts are not cardio workouts and they do not burn calories. Losing weight requires cardio exercise and a reduced calorie diet, none of which are described on the Ab Revolutionizer website.

A review from Dr. Marc A. Rabinoff is published on the front page of the Ab Revolutionizer website and there is a section for scientific studies supporting claims of improved abdominal strength and firmness. The scientific studies, however, are associated with a low carbohydrate diet, not the Ab Revolutionizer.

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  • The Ab Revolutionizer is available online.
  • The price is comparable to other abdominal machines.
  • A workout video comes with the machine.


  • Claims of weight loss are likely associated with a diet not the Ab Revolutionizer.
  • We have no idea how the machine works.
  • The scientific studies support a low carb diet not the machine.


The Ab Revolutionizer could be a great machine, but there is not enough information on the official website for the dieter to make a decision one way or the other. The supporting links are all associated with low carb eating, not abdominal workouts.

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