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Ab Rocker is designed to promote maximum muscle tone in your midsection. This tool helps you perform a basic sit-up with, supposedly, greater results. The creators of Ab Rocker seek to enhance the toning benefits of a sit up and make the performance of this exercise easier.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. This product is an exercising aid and not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The creators of Ab Rocker want to promote weight loss in the abdomen through a method called spot reduction. Spot reduction refers to the idea that constant exercise targeted to a specific area (i.e. the midsection) will result in drastic fat loss in that area.

Although the Ab Rocker is specifically targeted towards the Abs, with a simple modification to the exercises (reversing the direction you sit on the machine), the Ab Rocker will tone your lower back as well.

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  • Ab Rocker creators claim it delivers a complete abdominal workout.
  • Advertisements claim users will tone both the lower back and oblique muscles as well as the abdominal muscles.
  • The Ab Rocker is not time consuming. Exercises reportedly take only five minutes to perform.
  • Promises weight loss as well as increased muscle tone.
  • Despite its negative reviews, it is possible that the Ab Rocker could deliver results if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and consistent aerobic workouts.


  • Many reviewers claim this product, when used alone, fails to live up to its claims and delivers minimal results.
  • According to one reviewer the expensive Ab Rocker is no different than the much more cost effective traditional sit-ups.
  • The manufacturers claim the Ab Rocker will increase weight loss. However, no abdominal exercises can cause weight loss in and of themselves.
  • A sensible weight loss diet will produce much more reliable results at a fraction of the cost.
  • Some experts claim that the spot reduction method of weight loss used by the Ab Rocker actually draws blood to the exercised muscles, causing them to appear larger than they did previously.
  • The creators of the Ab Rocker failed to consider the thousands of little stabilizer muscles which support your abdomen. Not exercising these muscles creates imbalances and can result in injuries.
  • The Ab Rocker needs to be assembled and the completed machine is usually fragile.
  • Although manufacturers claim the exercises take merely 5 minutes, experts contend users perform 50 reps before they see results. That’s 10 reps a minute, a pace that may be too rigorous for beginners.


Although the Ab Rocker is easy, fast, and is reasonably priced ($25.99-$199 depending on the model), it may not be the best choice for those seeking reliable weight loss results.

According to various reviews, the Ab Rocker has not lived up to its claims as a fat burning and muscle creating exercise machine. Customers may want to save their money and consider investing it in reliable alternatives, such as well-reviewed weight loss supplements, a healthful diet, or membership at a gym.

However, although not a miracle cure, the Ab Rocker may be a useful addition to any healthful diet and exercise routine.

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2 User Reviews about Ab Rocker

  • 1
    Rog Welch

    I am 73 and want to reduce my pot belly. Will the ab rocket do this. Non smoker, teetolaller and epicure.


  • 2
    Susan Pries

    what machine is better the ab circle pro or the ab rocker.