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Welcome to a whole new era of exercise equipment and fitness supplies. One of the many products out there today is Ab Rocket. As you may have already guessed, this piece of fitness equipment aims to assist women and men with toning up and strengthening the abdominal muscles. The official website states that this tool works for building ab muscles, as well as assisting individuals with Pilates. The Ab Rocket is advertised on television infomercials regularly. The Ab Rocket is sold for $99.99, and this cost is broken up into three monthly payments. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a free shipping promote.

When you acquire the Ab Rocket machine, you essentially get a dance program, a low calorie meal plan, a Pilates assist program, as well as two instructional DVDs (an ab blaster program and fat blasting workouts). Some additional benefits of the Ab Rocket, other than toned abdominal muscles, are a back massage while using, three levels of resistance, and the fact that this machine folds away to store easily. The Ab Rocket weighs 10 pounds total and is suitable for all adults that desire a toner mid-section. There are some customer testimonials provided on the official website. A convenient toll free number is posted on the website for consumers with questions and concerns.

Product Features

The Ab Rocket is basically a piece of exercise equipment that endeavors to aid men and women with strengthening their core abdominal muscles. This machine aims to help users tone the mid-section and decrease the waistline, and get into better physical shape. Although the Ab Rocket is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s not revealed if this product can be returned for any kind of refund afterwards. A healthy diet plan is not presented with this exercise machine, nor is their any scientific proof offered to support the Ab Rocket device. One factor that makes this fitness tool unique is the notion that it may offer back massage therapy while being used.

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  • The Ab Rocket can be utilized by both women and men of varying ages.
  • Shipping is currently free.


  • There doesn’t appear to be a long-term warranty or guarantee provided with the Ab Rocket machine.
  • A healthy meal plan and/or diet system is not described on the website with this abdominal workout tool.
  • There are no appetite suppressants incorporated with this ab tool to assist the user with consuming fewer calories.
  • The actual cost of the Ab Rocket is $100, which many people will consider to be a lot of money.


In the end, the Ab Rocket is a tool that may or may not assist some women and men with toning up the mid-section and/or abdominal muscles. The approach of this machine is unique and may be desirable to some individuals that enjoy a “back massage” while working out. On the downside, the hefty price tag posted for the Ab Rocket on the official website may raise a few eyebrows. Not to mention, the “guarantee” discussed with this workout machine does not appear to be very extensive.

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    Alexandra varvarezis

    What is your toll free #?


  • 2

    what is the difference between doing sit ups and using the ab rocket do sit ups? I did not feel much of a difference.


  • 3

    this is a great machine. It has good resistance but YOU have to choose the level you want it at


  • 4

    What muscles are utilized


  • 5

    does anyone have any information re: the ab rocket,does it work? is it worth the money? does it realy work like they advertise? please reply for your core and waist.


  • 6

    I own the ab rocket and I am disappointed at the lack of resistence and the instability of the product.



    still waiting for comment 2/8/10 re: ab rocket,they decided to come down on price? 30 day warrenty!rep was was really pushing for this deal to buy.need some answers quick reply


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    I called them, they want you to pay the extra 14.99,asked why couldn’t I just get it and if I don’t like it I can send bk, they sd thats the reason for the trial $14.99. they just want extra $. the belt is another 30.00 dollars which will come up to almost 200.00. that is the reason for trying it, just add another pmt,because you dont get it bk the 14.00 if you like it. what does that sound like to you