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The Ab Roller is an exercise aid based on the patented “Accurate Rocker System.” The “Accurate Rocker System” was designed to counteract the tendency of your spine to pivot rather than flex during a workout.

According to the creators of the Ab Roller, the spine is different from any other joint in the body. Other joints pivot when during movements, the spine, however, flexes from vertebrae to vertebrae, creating a curve. During traditional sit-ups this curve can become a pivot, stressing your spine. The creators of the Ab Roller claim the device helps your spine follow it natural curve, thus eliminating or lessening painful injuries incurred while exercising.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Ab Roller is an exercise aid, not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The Ab Roller is a simple, easy to assemble exercise aid that will store easily in your home. No confusing tools or complicated set-up is required.

The device operates off the idea of spot reduction. Spot reduction refers to the theory that continuous exercise in one area, such as the abs, encourages weight loss and muscle gain in that area.

The Ab Roller is an attempt to combine the spot reduction method with the “Accurate Rocker System.” The goal of the creators is to enhance fat loss in the midsection while protecting the head, neck, and spine from injury.

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  • Little to no assembly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes up little storage space.
  • Advertisers claim it supports the head and neck as well as encourage your spine to curve naturally during a workout.
  • Unlike most exercise equipment, the Ab Roller lives up to many of its claims. It does protect the neck and spine from injury.


  • Despite its claims, spot reduction causes little fat loss.
  • Consistent aerobic exercise and a healthful diet will provide more reliable results.
  • Although the Ab Roller fulfills it promise and protects the neck and back, the exercises lack the sophistication desired by most people.
  • In reality, the Ab Roller seems to have no effect on the efficiency of your workouts.
  • The only exercise performed on the Ab Roller is the traditional sit up.
  • An old-fashioned exercise mat and sensible precautions against neck injury will provide the same results.


The Ab Roller uses unproven theories as the basis of its marketing. Experts believe spot reduction provides little to no results. A healthful diet, aerobic exercises, reliable weight loss supplements, and exercise machines with solid reviews are a more surefire way of achieving your weight loss goals.

Despite its drawbacks, the Ab Roller may have some benefits. Those with neck or back injuries may want to consider purchasing it. However, experienced exercisers will find the Ab Roller too simplistic for their tastes.

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