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The Ab Scissor is specifically designed to tone and strengthen the abdominals through the Gravitational Linkage System. The Gravitational Linkage System helps you perform the Scissors Crunch. In the Scissors Crunch your upper body moves downward as your lower body moves upward. This motion will supposedly target both your upper abs and lower abs.

In conjunction with the Gravitational Linkage System and the Scissors Crunch, the Ab Scissor uses a method called spot reduction. Spot reduction refers to the theory that continuous targeted exercises will cause weight loss and muscle gain in the area exercised.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Ab Scissor is a piece of exercising equipment not a herbal weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The Ab Scissors supposedly targets the upper and lower abs and rids the midsection of pesky pudginess. The device is easy and convenient to use. The exercises can be accomplished quickly, and the device is foldable and easily stored in a small closet or even underneath a bed.

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  • Advertisements claim the Ab Scissors exercises can be done in 4 minutes a day.
  • Supposedly the device puts the body in the ideal position for exercising the abdominals.
  • Allows you to exercise while sitting on a comfortable, cushioned seat.
  • These exercises don’t strain the back and neck.
  • Unlike some exercise equipment which can only be used for one exercise, this piece of equipment comes with four different workouts.


  • No exercise equipment will give you flat abs in and of itself. Any exercises need to be done in conjunction with a healthy diet.
  • A pricey alternative to traditional sit-ups. Traditional sit-ups may achieve the same results at no cost.
  • Advertisements claim the exercises can be performed in merely 4 minutes a day, however, at this pace, you would likely need to do these exercises for several weeks before noticing results.
  • Spot reduction, the system used by the Ab Scissor, fails to live up to its claims. Maximum weight loss can best be achieved through Aerobic exercises and a healthy diet.
  • The Ab Scissor can, if used incorrectly, strain the neck and back.
  • Many feel the Abs Scissors is too expensive for a device that only works one portion of the body.
  • Some previous purchasers have given this product negative reviews.


Many reviewers of the Ab Scissors claim it truly has helped them tone their abs. However, whether or not the developers of this piece of exercising equipment have created a miracle cure for love handles is up for debate. It seems the same results could be gained through a sensible exercise routine and a healthful diet. In fact, even if you do choose to use this product, maximum results will not be seen without aerobic exercise and dieting.

However, the Abs Scissors does have its benefits. The device stores easily. The cushioned seat creates a more comfortable exercising position. And some users feel the device helped them see an overall improvement in their abdominal muscles. If used in conjunction with other exercises and a sensible diet, the Ab Scissors can be a useful addition to your fitness routine.

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2 User Reviews about Ab Scissor

  • 1

    I have back problems and the machine works great for me… Mine’s next to the backdoor & whenever I let the dogs out I use it while I wait for them to do their business… I have several chances a day to use it for a minute or two here n there and I’ve had good results with it…

    I’ve recently started using an app called my fitness pal, which helps you keep track of your calories and I’m having trouble finding out how many calories I burn when I use it… Any ideas…?


  • 2
    Mary-Alice Lafferty

    Physical measurements?
    Is the padding the same as the cardio cruiser or better?