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The Ab Scissor Ultra is a fitness product from Body by Jake. The equipment is sold through the official website. According to the product description, it only takes four minutes of working out on the Ab Scissor Ultra per day to achieve those rock hard abs you always wanted. However, claims like these are simply not based on fact nor are they supported with clinical research. Often, companies will post pictures of super-heated core muscles to promote the product, but heat is not the same as metabolism and core muscles just don’t impact metabolism enough to slim abs or reduce body weight.

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Abdominal Machine by Body by Jake.

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For the sales price of $200, users can achieve the perfect abdominal muscles in just four minutes per day with the Ab Scissor Ultra. The first thing we asked was, “What is the catch?” The catch with machines like the Ab Scissor Ultra is fitness level. Users with little to no body fat can jump on the machine for four minutes a day and tone abdominal muscles to achieve that six-pack ab look. However, the average dieter who has 25 pounds to lose will not see the same result in four minutes per day.

The facts about working out and losing weight are simple – burn more calories than you consume and you will lose body fat. The abdominals are some of the smallest muscles in the body. Working these muscles for a mere four minutes will likely cause muscle burn and pain the following day, but it will not increase metabolism. The same four minutes spent on lower body muscles like large leg muscles will definitely impact overall metabolism more than any ab muscle workout.

The best way to judge a machine like Ab Scissor Ultra is to look at the models used for demonstration purposes. If the models are fit and trim with tight abdominals, the machine will not do much for the average dieter. If the company shows a myriad of people using the machine or before and after photos of consumers having used the machine, there is a small amount of hope it will help the dieter achieve their goals.

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  • The Ab Scissor Pro sells through the official Body by Jake website.


  • The Ab Scissor Ultra is more expensive than other ab machines.
  • Will not increase metabolism or calorie burn.
  • Not likely to help most dieters achieve slim abs.


The Ab Scissor Ultra is just another abdominal machine that will not live up to the claims. The average dieter needs to lose weight and fat before working on a small set of muscles like the abdominals. Total calorie burn is not worth the money spent.

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