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Ab Sculptor is an abdominal exercise machine that supports proper form when completing abdominal sit-ups and crunches. We found no official website for the equipment, but it is sold through the HSN network. In some cases, the Ab Sculptor is packaged with other fitness tools like workout DVDs, but this is not always the case. The HSN network offers product reviews. Most of the reviews complain about a lack of back support, pain in the neck and difficulty using the product, despite the fact that Ab Sculptor claims to support the back and neck.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal fitness machine.

Product Features

Losing weight is about more than just working out the abdominal muscles. Despite the product claims of helping the user achieve sexy abdominal muscles, the Ab Sculptor is no different from the hundreds of other pieces of equipment. The user sits in the seat provided and pulls on the upper handles to perform the crunch or sit-up movement. Several pads are placed on the back support to make the seat more comfortable, but this is of little use if the dieter cannot get down on the floor to sit in the seat or up after they have finished a workout.

Most of the time, customer reviews will tell the real story about a piece of fitness equipment and that is the case with the Ab Sculptor. Customer reviews complain of back pain, neck pain and difficulty using the machine. One user stated the only way she could use the machine was if she was already in shape. This is the problem with many abdominal machines. Remember to watch online videos promoting abdominal machines like the Ab Sculptor before buying. If the only people using the machine are fitness gurus with six-pack abs, it may be a machine you want to skip.

The Ab Sculptor sells for around $90. With proper form, the dieter can achieve the same results with abdominal crunches and crunches are free.

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  • Sold online.
  • May support back and neck during abdominal exercises.


  • Too expensive.
  • Nothing unique about the product.
  • Customers complain the device is hard to use.
  • The Ab Sculptor sits on the floor.
  • Dieters may have a hard time getting down into the machine.
  • Not appropriate for people with knee problems.


If the dieter wants to promote weight loss with exercise, a simple walk around the block will burn more calories than the Ab Sculptor. If losing fat around the midsection is the aim, first the dieter must adopt a healthy diet and cardio exercise program to lose excess fat. The Ab Sculptor is simply not for dieters trying to achieve these goals. Instead, it is for the person at a normal weight, trying to tone the midsection.

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    Mike Jacobs

    The Ab Sculptor works for me. I can get a good ab workout in 8 minutes. Love it.