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The Ab Slide is a piece of exercising equipment which advertisements claim targets the lower and upper abdominals, waistline, obliques, back, shoulders, chest, and arms.

Ab Slide

The machine is made of mainly plastic with two padded metal bars for your hands. To use the Ab Slide, push the bars forward and then pull backward on them. The resistance created as you push the bar will workout the muscles in your midsection.

The Ab Slide operates based on an idea called spot reduction. Proponents of spot reduction claim that continuously exercising one area or your body will drastically tone that area.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Ab Slide is a piece of exercise equipment and not an herbal weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The Ab Slide is supposed to work through the resistance created by a rubber band within the device. When the user pushes on the metal bars, the band creates a positive resistance, and when the user pulls against the metal bar, the band creates a negative resistance. The Ab Slide is one of the first ab exercise machines to use the “sliding bodyweight” method.

The Ab Slide is easy to put together and is portable.

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  • Advertisements claim the exercises are accomplished in 4 minutes a day.
  • The device is portable.
  • the Ab Slide takes very little time to assemble.
  • The exercises are easy to do.


  • Although portable, the Ab Slide is a bit bulky. At five pounds, most people won’t be bringing it to the gym with them.
  • May be a bit overpriced.
  • Spot reduction, the idea employed by the creators of the Ab Slide, doesn’t, according to experts, deliver all it promises. No exercise can singlehandedly tone and strengthen one area.
  • The main part of the machine is made out of flimsy plastic and is easily breakable.
  • Doesn’t workout your arms and chest as advertised.
  • Traditional sit ups may be just as efficient.
  • Because of its use of the “sliding bodyweight” concept, the Ab Slide may be uncomfortable for extremely tall or overweight people.
  • Many owners of the Ab Slide complain of a backache from use. This backache may be a result of the strength needed to keep your body in position. Without that strength, your lower back muscles may be strained.


The Ab Slide does fulfill many of its promises. It does strengthen and tone your abdominals at a fraction of the time as traditional sit ups, and using the device is more comfortable than performing sit ups. Although it is impossible to get rid of weight with spot reduction, it is possible to strengthen muscles. If used in conjunction with a weight loss system (a healthy diet, a sensible aerobics routine, and other effective dietary aids), the Ab Slide can deliver adequate results. However, with exercise and dieting, the same results may be attained without purchasing the Ab Slide.

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  • 1

    where do i get this product?? can you tell me the address,sothat i could buy.thanks


    Ron KostiukYour Name

    It takes more than three minutes a day and you need to remember to arch your back when using it to prevent a sore lower back. The results are good when used along with your usual exercise program. Easier and more effective than crunches and sit-ups.


  • 2
    Visto Chisheshe

    Where can I buy one ABslide from? My old one is giving me problems now. I have had it for 15years now


  • 3

    Hi my name is Josefina. I think that this product should only be used by professionals because it is dangerous to use when you lift your body off the ground. It has a mechanism that when you push forward, it returns back on its own. The more you stretch forward the faster it comes back making you lose your balance. This happened to me and I broke my nose. I would recommend that people who buy this product only use it while on their knees and to be careful. Parents should keep their children away from it as it is dangerous.


  • 4

    this post is barely half truth. I am a testament to the abslide, and have acquired 2 of them to be sure I will have at least one forever. this machine will keep your core strong, and pushes your limits from your wrists to the back of your knees. most people I know that are muscle bound freaks simply cannot use the abslide correctly even one time because of the muscle groups it requires and the way it uses them. If you can use this machine through a normal length commercial break you will PROBABLY never throw out your back, get a hernia, and be stronger endurance-wise than many that go to the gym simply for looks. I have 25 and 35# dumbells and an abslide, combined with pushups (feet elevated on knuckles with fists close to chest and elbows in) i have never needed another form to improve my physique, endurance, or strength. it uses your own weight, and uses so very many muscle groups it passes as an investment on avoiding elderly disability in my eyes. go abslide all the way.


  • 5
    Surajit Gogoi

    I want to buy this product. Plese send me details how can i have to pay or order for this item.


  • 6

    I loooooove my abslide! I’ve also had mine for about 10 years and it still works like the day I bought it. From the first day you use it your abs are engaged and you certainly feel the burn. You can seriously see results in a matter of weeks! A great piece of equipment! I would certainly buy it again!


  • 7

    I have had my ab slide since I was in my early twenties. I am now 42 yrs old and my an slide still works great!


  • 8

    I absolutely loved this machine! It was the most amazing exercise I had experienced! It worked out everything the advertisement promised and didn’t take long to get great abs!


  • 9

    Hey, I have literally had my ab-slide for almost 10 years! It is not flimsy or broken. And it’s a great piece of equipment. The problem is a lot of people aren’t positioning their body in proper form when using the machine, so they may not feel the effects or it might even hurt them! The ab-slide is great, obviously it isn’t going to deliver all of the promises of an informerical, but it is just another version of any other ab-wheel, which are legitimate pieces of equipment! No, it’s not really ideal for being portable, but I did take it to Europe with me once and just packed it in a big suitcase in my checked bags. If you do the slide every day, you’ll see, your core will be soooo much stronger. You probably won’t get a six pack but you will feel the strength and the toned muscle FOR SURE. I’m not a consistent user, but when I go through my two/three-week rounds with it, I definitely can feel it and see it.


  • 10

    I have had the ab slide for less than 6 months and the spring is broken,I like the product,please direct to the person that can resolve this problem


  • 11
    cody deforeest

    After using this in college and thinking I did not work. I was wrong the next day when my ABs were on fire. After a month I noticed arm definition. Now that I have found another AB slide I’m back to my old workouts. An incredible machine



    hi i have interest to buy this product. I used many products but no use. Is it true we loss our belly.


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