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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Ab Solo Core Intensive machine combines a basketball concept with a medicine ball and abdominal crunch. The official website, by Better Health Innovations, allows the consumer to order the machine directly for a whopping $1,600. Each order comes with six medicine balls and the machine. There is a 110% price guarantee and warranties on the vinyl, machine, frame and parts. The machine weighs 326 pounds with the six medicine balls. There is no mention of assembly so the machine could come fully assembled. When assembled the machine measures 7-feet tall and 2-feet wide.

List of Ingredients

Ab Solo Machine and six medicine balls.

Product Features

The Ab Solo Core Intensive machine is likely aimed at the gym setting rather than home use. The machine retails for $1,600 with free shipping and handling. Bulk discounts are available when multiple machines are ordered; another indication that gyms would order the product before a consumer.

The concept of the Ab Solo Core Intensive is unique. The user sits in a seat similar to the seat on a rowing machine. A ball return shoot holds the six medicine balls included with the machine. The user leans forward and grabs a medicine ball. Holding the ball, the user moves back to a sitting position and throws the ball at a target on the backboard of the machine. The ball bounces off the backboard and a digital unit counts the hit. The ball slides back into the return slot and the user leans forward and picks up the next ball.

The six medicine balls included with the Ab Solo Core Intensive weight 5 lbs, 7 lbs and 9 lbs (2 of each are included). All balls are the same size so the user has no idea which weight they are picking up until the ball is lifted. Varying weights is ideal for working muscles.

The cost of the Ab Solo Core Intensive is far greater than most dieters would want to spend. There is also the possibility of shoulder and back injury as the user must lean forward to pick up the weighted ball and throw the weighted ball at the backboard.

Abdominal workouts burn very few calories compared to cardiovascular fitness machines. Working out the abdominals may be ideal for someone who is already in shape, but the dieter will not see those 6-pack abs until they lose enough body weight.

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  • Free shipping and handling.


  • The price is much higher than most consumers would like to spend.
  • May cause back pain and shoulder pain.
  • Will not increase metabolism.


There is very little positive about the Ab Solo Core Intensive machine. The price is the first red flag, but potential risk of injury is just as important.

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