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Ab Solo is a unique abdominal workout machine that claims to allow users to workout only 90 seconds a day to achieve their desired strength and tone. This is a large machine usually only found in gyms, but the company will also deliver to private homes. The Ab Solo can be used by both men and women of most fitness levels. This is a machine and not a weight loss system so it does not help users change their diet.

Product Features

The Ab Solo features a unique 90 second daily workout that promises to give users toned and strong abdominal muscles. This machine also promises to help tone the arms and other parts of the body so that overall strength and toning can be achieved. The Ab Solo claims to help users improve their cardiovascular system with regular and continued use as well. This machine requires users to toss a medicine ball at the target while doing a controlled “crunch” movement. The user will repeat this action for 90 seconds a day. Included with the Ab Solo is six medicine balls (5lbs., 7lbs. & 9lbs.), a ball counter and three glide pads so that users can easily move their Ab Solo machine.

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  • This machine has a completely unique concept, for strength training, that only takes 90 seconds of use per day.
  • The Ab Solo also works many other muscle groups so that users can achieve overall body strength and tone.
  • This machine claims to add to cardiovascular fitness as well.
  • The Ab Solo comes with medicine balls of different weights so users can adjust their workouts to their fitness level.
  • Users can choose to lease the Ab Solo.
  • The Ab Solo offers a 90 day payment plan for those that qualify.


  • The Ab Solo is a big piece of equipment weighing 354lbs. Space for this machine could also become an issue.
  • This is just a machine and will not help users lose weight unless they change their diet and incorporate cardiovascular exercise as well.
  • The Ab Solo is expensive.
  • Since this machine has a fresh concept it is difficult to prove that it works as it says it does.
  • Those of a certain size or who have very little strength may not be able to use the Ab Solo.
  • While exercise is definitely key to fitness, this machine is not likely to help you unless you’ve already seen success with a vigorous exercise program in the past.
  • If you have a gym membership that you don’t use, you might want to think twice about this equipment.


The Ab Solo is meant to be a gym machine and may not fit in typical homes. This machine has a unique take on developing strong and toned muscles, but there are plenty of more affordable and proven methods on the market. Depending on ones budget and fitness goals the Ab Solo may or may not be a god choice.

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