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The Ab Sonic is an electric massage belt that promises to replace sit-ups and provide better results. It is a two-pound belt that users wear to help tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles. The Ab Sonic can be used anytime, anywhere because it requires no effort from the user. This electronic massage belt can be used by both men and women as long as they can fasten the belt securely around the desired area. The Ab Sonic can also be used on other parts of the body such as the arms and thighs.

Product Features

The Ab Sonic includes a neoprene centerpiece, adjustable waist belt, a smaller adjustable belt for areas such as the arms and legs, 2 lithium batteries, usage instructions and 6 pre-programmed exercise routines. It is suggested that users use the Ab Sonic for 10 minutes a day to get the best and quickest results. The Ab Sonic boasts that by using it for ten minutes, users are getting the same workout as they would if they did 600 sit-ups. This product recommends that users develop and follow a healthy eating plan as well as a cardiovascular workout plan to achieve optimal results, but they do not include information on these plans.

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  • The Ab Sonic can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • This product only requires that the user use it for ten minutes a day.
  • The Ab Sonic can also be used to tone, tighten and strengthen other parts of the body as well.
  • This product does not require that the user have a certain degree of fitness.
  • The Ab Sonic claims to be able to mimic the same results as 600 sit-ups in only ten minutes with no effort.
  • The Ab Sonic is easy to use and it is adjustable to fit most people.


  • Those who need to lose a significant amount of weight may not be able to use the Ab Sonic due to belt size.
  • Users who have a pacemaker or any other electronic implant should use caution when using this product because it could cause interference and/or complications.
  • There is no scientific proof posted that the Ab Sonic can deliver on its promise.
  • The Ab Sonic does not stand out from the rest of the electronic massage belts on the market today.
  • Users will need to purchase a gel to use with the Ab Sonic.


The Ab Sonic is an electric massage belt and works pretty much like all of the other similar products on the market. It’s likely to offer users a pleasant massage, but not much else. There is no absolute evidence to support its claims. Users will need to assess their fitness goals and decide if the Ab Sonic is right for them.

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7 User Reviews about Ab Sonic

  • 1

    will this helps me to weight lose and is there any side effects?


  • 2

    what is the maximum time someone can use it in one day??


  • 3
    Lisa Franco

    As Sonic comes with a little tube of gel that you must apply before usnig. Where can you purchase that gel or can you use another type of gel like vasoline?


  • 4
    jim brock

    By using the ab sonic will it help me to lose weight and inches of my desired areas of my body?


  • 5

    What are the dimensions of this product?


  • 6
    li daniels

    what is the dif between different Absonic abs belts?Is one stronger than another eg Ab Muscle Stimulator stronger than the “Belt”?


  • 7

    why have the skinny people wear the ab sonic and not have the real overweight people wear it?