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Ab Squeeze is a portable folding machine for the home used for working the midsection. It claims to assist in toning the abdominals while supporting the back. The chair itself is not adjustable but comes with resistance bands that you can adjust (at the gym you would be adding weights to the machine). While working the abdominals are necessary to toning the midsection, it is impossible to lose stomach fat by crunches alone.

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Product Features

The Ab Squeeze machine is a folding chair with resistance bands, foot straps, and handle bars. Assembly is required. It also comes with a 14-minute workout video.

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  • Your Ab Squeeze machine is small enough for easy storage under your bed or in your closet.
  • Ab Squeeze supports your back better than doing crunches on your floor, and also gives you the option of adding weight to the crunch with the resistance bands.
  • Since Ab Squeeze is for home use, you may be more likely to use it than you would be to make the trip to a gym.
  • The Ab Squeeze comes with a 90 day warranty.


  • Ab Squeeze is actually out of production, so finding one to actually purchase may be difficult. If you find one used, it would cost less but would already have some wear and tear and the 90-day warranty may already be out or may not apply to “used” machines.
  • Some users experienced difficulty with assembly and premature wear and tear on the foot straps.
  • The Ab Squeeze weighs about twenty pounds, so don’t plan to put it in your suitcase to take on road trips.
  • The workout video is actually a VHS, which may prove useless for people who have only DVD players.
  • Crunches are important to tone the abdominals, but it is impossible to burn stomach fat (or fat anywhere on your body, for that matter) by doing “spot” work.
  • The only way to burn the fat all the way is to do a full-body aerobic workout in addition to carefully choosing your foods.


While the Ab Squeeze could be a useful and beneficial product, the difficulty of finding one or purchasing a used one may not be worth the effort. Assembly may also prove to be a hassle. It is necessary to do crunches and other abdominal exercises to tone and firm the stomach area, but it is impossible to lose all of your stomach fat simply by doing crunches and other abdominal exercises. Diet and full-body workouts are key to burning fat from this area. In order to lose weight in this zone, you must burn the fat through careful eating and aerobic exercise. Thermogenic products (these raise the body’s temperature slightly, increasing calorie burn) are also something to consider.

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    I found a used unit.

    found a used unit.

    how do you get instructions?


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