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The Ab Stand is an abdominal machine aimed at helping the user achieve that six-pack ab look. The official website offers a 100% guarantee and a 14-day trial. Unfortunately, the trial costs the user $34.50 in shipping and handling costs plus the cost of sending the machine back within 14 days if they do not want to pay further charges. There is a video describing exercises on the Ab Stand, which may make it easier for the consumer to decide whether to buy the machine. We did not find testimonials with before and after photos for the Ab Stand. There is a scrolling customer testimonials section with rave reviews from past customers. Most claim weight loss, which is not a common benefit of abdominal workouts.

List of Ingredients

Ab Stand abdominal machine, pedometer, workout DVD, workout chart and quick start menu.

Product Features

The Ad Stand is a freestanding abdominal machine with a spring attached to a backboard. The user leans back on the back support and the spring allows the back support to move down. Using abdominal and leg muscles, the user returns to an upright position, engaging muscles on the up and down movement. In theory, the machine could take stress off back muscles during the movement, which is the aim of the Ab Stand.

There is no mention of a weight limit on the official website. Weight limits create a problem for some dieters because the machines are simply not made to withstand high weights. Typically, home machines are created to hold no more than 300 pounds.

There is no seat on the Ab Stand, so beginners may have trouble returning to an upright position after leaning back on the back support. While the back support adjusts to different angles, there is no mention of whether or not this adjustment makes the movement harder or easier.

Even though the Ab Stand may provide the support needed to prevent injury from traditional ab exercises, the abdominal muscles are relatively small. Burning calories requires using larger muscles like leg muscles to increase metabolism and calorie burn. The Ab Stand does work leg muscles, but this is not the primary muscle group.

After the 14-day trial, the Ab Stand costs nearly $200. These charges will be placed on the credit card used to cover the free trial if the unit is not returned.

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  • May support lower back during abdominal exercise.
  • Trial and 100% guarantee.


  • The trial costs money.
  • The user may have to pay return shipping and handling.


The Ab Stand is another abdominal machine promising rock hard abs. If the dieter needs to lose abdominal fat, this machine will not facilitate this loss.

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