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Ab straps are designed to latch onto a chin-up bar. The straps free up hands allowing the person working out to complete abdominal exercises without holding onto the chin-up bar. Ab straps are available from various manufacturers, but most have the same design, a sling with metal hooks attached to one end. The user feeds arms through the ab strap and rests the triceps on the fabric. From this hanging position, exercises are performed.

List of Ingredients

Arm straps with chin-up bar clips.

Product Features

Ab straps are a piece of home or gym fitness equipment used to perform hanging leg raises. There are many limits to the ab strap including weight limits and movement limits. The weight limit will differ from one brand to the next, as the clips will only hold so much weight. However, the weight limit will also differ based on the type of chin-up bar to which the ab straps are attached.

A gym chin-up bar is often mounted on a steel frame with a much high weight limit. Home chin-up bars attached to doorways or a home gym will hold fewer pounds. Typically, a home gym unit will hold a maximum of 275 to 300 pounds. Again, the weight limit of the gym may be higher than the weight limit of the clips attached to the ab straps.

Holding body weight in suspension to perform leg lifts may be difficult for some dieters. It takes quite a bit of upper body strength to hold arms perpendicular to the floor for more than a few seconds. In this way, the ab straps are more focused on people who are already an ideal weight with some abdominal and upper body strength.

The abdominal muscles are some of the smallest in the body. Working the abdominals will not greatly increase lean muscle mass or metabolism, when compared to lower body muscles. Even if abdominal muscles are strong, a layer of fat between the skin and muscles prevent muscles from showing through. Losing weight is essential to achieving that six-pack ab look more than using the ab straps for leg lifts.

Ab straps retail for as little as $4.99 a set. Some are created for use with specific brands of chin-up bars like the Perfect Pullup.

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  • May make leg raises easier.
  • Some brands connect to any chin-up bar.


  • May have a low weight limit.
  • Some brands are manufactured for use with a branded chin-up bar.


Ab straps are low cost pieces of fitness equipment ideal for hanging leg lifts. However, the money spent on ab straps is worthless if the dieter does not have the strength to hold the body in the straps for more than a few seconds.

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