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The Ab Swing fitness machine is an “as seen on TV” product that claims to help the user target lower, upper and oblique abdominal muscles. A few websites have information on the Ab Swing, but most like the product as unavailable. There are no detailed instructions on how the Ab Swing works, but we managed to find a video promoting the product with examples of exercises the user can perform on the machine. The Ab Swing allows the user to sit on a padded seat and place shoes into stirrups. The seat tilts back and forward, creating a crunch-style movement.

List of Ingredients

Ab Swing machine and other extras.

Product Features

Depending on the retailer selling the Ab Swing, the machine may be packaged with extras like a workout program and menu plan for weight loss. Users sit in the padded seat and secure feet in place in the stirrups attached to a bar extending from under the seat. Handles are positioned on either side of the padded seat. Once the user is sitting in place, they hold on to the handles and rock back and forth, lifting the knees to the chest. This creates a crunch-style movement to work abdominals. Moving the feet to one side or the other focuses muscle contraction on the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Despite the claims of defined abdominals, the Ab Swing is nothing new. Most abdominal machines work with the same back and forth movement. Unlike some, the Ab Swing does not have a back support to protect the user from straining the back during movement.

Another problem with abdominal machines is ab fat. If the dieter needs to lose weight there is no way the abdominal muscles will show through. Typically, models and athletes are used in infomercials for these products. The infomercials show how the machine is used in an optimal setting, but that does not mean the dieter trying to lose weight will have the same effect.

Abdominals are a relatively small muscle group that burns few calories during a workout. In order to burn fat, the user would have to move back and forth fast enough to increase heart rate. This fast movement would increase the risk of injury.

The AB Swing sells for about $100, the average going price for a home abdominal machine.

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  • Information on the AB Swing is easy to find online.


  • The Ab Swing will not burn extra calories.
  • Ab definition is not a concern of most dieters.


The Ab Swing is another machine in a long line of abdominal fitness equipment that makes extraordinary promises of defined abs with little work. Most dieters need to focus on cardio exercise well before they work on defining abs.

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