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Currently there are a number of “colon cleansing” kits, supplements, and other weight loss products out there for over-the-counter purchase. One of these formulas is known as Ab Trim. It is manufactured by NSP Research Nutrition and aims to assist men and women with dropping five to ten pounds of excess body weight. This essentially means shedding bulge from the waist line and stomach area. While there does not appear to be an official website for the Ab Trim kit, this product can be acquired online through certain retailers. Overall, this “colon cleansing” treatment is supposed to improve the user’s health and allow essential nutrients to be better absorbed by the body.

Like some other colon-cleansing treatments, Ab Trim is directed to be taken for five days straight. Three different supplements are consumed with water each day. Currently this product sells for $28.95, but does not appear to be offered with a satisfaction guarantee. While the Ab Trim kit contains over 70 different ingredients, there are some notable components such as Amino Acids, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Cinnamon Bark, Capsicum, and Hibiscus Flower. The three different supplements involved with the Ab Trim kit are the Time Released Tablets (multi-vitamins), Colozyme (contains a proprietary herbal blend), and Amino Acid Complex (offers 17 different amino acids). No free trial samples are currently offered.


The full list of ingredients is not available on an official website.

Product Features

Ab Trim is basically a colon-cleansing supplement kit that endeavors to clean out the user’s digestive system while improving overall health and reducing the amount of weight around the mid-section. Some of the key active ingredients incorporated into this kit are Amino Acids, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Cinnamon Bark, Capsicum, and Hibiscus Flower. Unfortunately there is no real clinical research provided to support the claimed effectiveness of Ab Trim. Minimal consumer reviews are posted where this supplement kit is sold. When using this colon-cleansing treatment, the user must consume supplements every three hours.

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  • Some online sources say that colon cleansing is a healthy way to clean the digestive tract.
  • Ab Trim can be easily and conveniently acquired online.


  • Unfortunately Ab Trim supplements must be taken every three hours for five days straight which may not be conducive to some people’s schedules.
  • There does not appear to be an official website that is functional at this time.
  • Although not all ingredients are revealed for this supplement kit, there appears to be a large number of components involved.
  • The dieter may only shed around five to ten pounds, which will not be enough for all dieters.


There is no doubt that ample supplies of colon-cleansing kits are currently sold. The question is; which one is the most suitable for you and do you even need to utilize one? The professional answers to these questions certainly vary. In regards to Ab Trim, this formula contains a wide array of ingredients (some of which are unknown), and no satisfaction guarantee appears to be offered. Furthermore, users are actually expected to take supplements every three hours, which will not be suitable for some individuals. < /p>

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    R Porter

    I have used Ab Trim each year to jump start my diet and fitness program. Started using it around 2000.
    The claims that it cleans your colon and reduces weight are valid. However the negative is you are fasting for 5 days and have frequent colon purging. Make sure you have the time and are close to a toilet. I have stopped using it for 5 days and cut down to 2-3 days. Which is more than enough to clean out your colon. Sometime on day 2 all you will be shitting is pills and juice/water. Even using it only 203 days I drop about 8 pounds and keep off about 5 pounds even after resuming a low carb (no bread/sugar) diet.