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Ab Trimmer is a “body cleansing system” that is claimed to “eliminate toxins” from the body and assist with weight reduction. Unlike many other dietary supplements, Ab Trimmer does not burn away fat or suppress the user’s appetite. Ab Trimmer consists of three different supplements that work together in order to assist with digestion, cleanse the body (colon/intestines) and promote overall digestive health. The official website states that no animal products are incorporated into Ab Trimmer supplements. There are customer testimonials and before and after photos posted on the official website.

The three goals of Ab Trimmer are to detoxify, cleanse and regulate. This is where the tree different supplements come into play. First there are the Detoxifier Capsules which contain “18 different natural ingredients.” Then there is the Digestive Cleanser, which incorporates “14 natural components.” Finally, there is the Sereni-Tea which offers “11 natural ingredients.” While the Detoxifier Capsules eliminate toxins from the body, the Digestive Cleanser aims to assist with colon and intestine health and the Sereni-Tea relieves stress and helps the user relax and sleep well. The complete Ab Trimmer kit sells for $59.99 via the official website. Ab Trimmer doesn’t appear to be offered with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee. No free trial samples of Ab Trimmer supplements are available at this time.

List of Ingredients

The included “natural supplements” are not listed.

Product Features

Ab Trimmer is basically a body cleaning kit for men and women that involves three different products. This weight reduction kit consists of the Detoxifier Capsules (contain 18 different natural ingredients), the Digestive Cleanser (incorporates 14 natural components) and the Sereni-Tea (offers 11 natural ingredients). Ab Trimmer is claimed to detoxify, cleanse and regulate the user’s digestive system. There doesn’t appear to be any actual clinical research presented on the official website for the Ab Trimmer kit. Using this system is claimed to take 15 minutes per day and it sells for $59.99.

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  • The Ab Trimmer kit can be easily and conveniently acquired through the official website.
  • There are customer testimonials and before/after photos posted on the website.
  • Ab Trimmer contains a variety of natural ingredients.


  • There isn’t any clinical research offered on the official website to help support the overall effectiveness of the Ab Trimmer kit.
  • We do not see a full list of the natural ingredients available in the various supplements.
  • There are no free trial samples of Ab Trimmer products available at this time.
  • Ab Trimmer doesn’t appear to come with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.
  • The Ab Trimmer kit takes 15 minutes a day, which is a bit longer than many other diet supplements that merely involve swallowing a capsule or pill with water.


Overall, the Ab Trimmer kit is more of a cleanser for the digestive system, than it is a weight reduction product. While these supplements may assist some users with bloating and irregular bowel movements, Ab Trimmer does not aim to burn away fat or suppress the user’s appetite. In the end, it would be nice to additionally see a 100% money-back guarantee posted on the official website for Ab Trimmer, along with some free trial samples. It’s probably wise to examine a number of weight loss products, supplements and programs before simply choosing one like the Ab Trimmer kit.

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    how to use? pls explain


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    consuelo olivares

    is safe to take AB Trimmer if I’m Diabetic


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    cindy brujan

    what can you tell me about how the FBA controls this type of drugs?