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Ab Wedge is a piece of fitness equipment used to slim the midsection and improve abdominal fitness. Many dieters look for quick and easy ways to trim abs, but the solution is not in another fitness tool. Abdominal muscles can be cut and ready to show but that layer of fat over the muscles will keep anyone from seeing them. There is no official website for the Ab Wedge and the “As Seen on TV” websites are no longer offering the product, despite the fact that the Ab Wedge is proven to be “100%” effective.

List of Ingredients

Ab Wedge fitness tool.

Product Features

There is nothing much to the Ab Wedge aside from foam and fabric. The Ab Wedge is a support for the back that helps the dieter complete an abdominal workout without the pain commonly associated with the exercises. One side of the Ab Wedge is covered with non-stick fabric to keep the wedge in place when in use. The infomercial is still available on the Internet for potential customers to view. The wedge is used for leg lifts and knee lifts. There were no sit-ups shown on the infomercial so we are assuming the wedge can only be used for specific exercises.

The Ab Wedge sold for two payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. There was a 60 day money back guarantee associated with the Ab Wedge, but without an official website or online retailer selling the Ab Wedge, we cannot tell if the guarantee is still in effect or what the details of the guarantee might be. The infomercial did not show any before and after photos, but did offer many testimonials from Pilates instructors and personal trainers.

The infomercial does offer a testimonial from a D.C. or chiropractor. The doctor supports using Ab Wedge because of the ergonomic design that supports the lower and middle back.

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  • Could support the lower back during abdominal exercises.


  • Costs more than other back supports.
  • No online support.
  • The product may no longer be available.
  • The infomercial did not show before and after pictures from users.
  • No abdominal exercise will reduce total body fat.
  • There is no mention of diet or supplementation for weight loss.


The Ab Wedge could no longer be available because the product was nothing more than a foam wedge selling for more than $40 with shipping and handling. The infomercial offered very little information on the product and the lack of an official website leaves the dieter with more questions than answers. The fact that the Ab Wedge is out of stock at most retail websites that once sold the equipment is another indication that the Ab Wedge could be defunct.

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