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The Ab Zone is an abdominal chair that focuses on strengthening and firming abdominal muscles. The chair has handles on both sides and footrest to hold feet in place when using the machine. Cathy Rigby, a two-time Olympian, is the spokesperson for Ab Zone. There is an official website with videos showing how the Ab Zone works. Several testimonial videos are also published on the website. The Ab Zone website allows customers to order the machine.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal Machine, 30 Minute Exercise Video, Meal Plan and Instruction Manual.

Product Features

The Ab Zone claims to provide a 360-degree abdominal workout. This is a bit confusing because 360 degrees is a complete circle, but the Ab Zone does not move in a complete circle nor do the abdominals twist 360 degrees. The product video shows a user sitting in the chair with feet under the footrest. Holding onto the handles, the user brings the knees toward the chest, creating a leg-lift movement. The user then pushes the legs back out, straightening the abdominal muscles. The backrest provides some support during abdominal movements, which helps the user prevent back injury and pain common with traditional crunches.

The Ab Zone comes in the color green and weighs just over 25 pounds. No tools are required to assemble the chair, but home assembly is necessary. The DVD that comes with the Ab Zone contains a 20-minute cardio workout in addition to an abdominal instruction video. This means any weight loss claims are likely attributed to the cardio workout and not the Ab Zone. Chances are, the dieter would lose no weight simply using the machine in place of cardio.

The Ab Zone is available for sale online, but the official website lists the product as out of stock, so no pricing information is provided.

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  • Comes with a cardio workout and abdominal workout instruction video.
  • Promotes healthy, cardio exercise.
  • The back support may prevent back pain and injury.
  • Simple assembly requires no tools.


  • Abdominal workouts do not burn many calories.
  • Weight loss claims are likely associated with the cardio workout and not the ab workout.
  • The Ab Zone could be more expensive compared to other abdominal machines.
  • The 360-degree claim is confusing, as the machine does not move in a complete circle.


The Ab Zone does not stand out as a revolutionary abdominal machine. Testimonials from customers losing 10 inches or more are likely linked to the cardio workout and not the Ab Zone. None of the testimonials is from overweight or obese dieters. Assembly does not require tools but may be difficult and time consuming. The 360-degree product description is not explained and may be confusing for the potential buyer.

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    I am not able to fix the parts of ab zone

    Please show how this ab zone’s tools are fixed