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Abby Ellin is a journalist who has written articles on weight. She has written a book on teenage obesity, many newspaper and magazine articles, and has shared her own story of childhood obesity and how she overcame it. She has also written many articles on a wide variety of other topics.

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Abby Ellin’s work includes a book on teenage obesity entitled Teenage Waistland: A Former Fat Kid Weighs in on Living Large, Losing Weight, and How Parents Can (and Can’t) Help. She has also written numerous articles on weight and stories of people who struggle with weight. Abby was overweight as a teenager and gives insight into the difficulties of being fat in a culture obsessed with skinniness vs. healthiness.

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  • Abby Ellin’s book seems to focus on a healthy way of life vs. a constantly dieting way of life. She talks a lot about exercise and healthy eating as opposed to unhealthy fixations on food and scale numbers. She doesn’t use the word “dieting.”
  • Abby encourages parents to help by setting an example of healthy eating, physical activity, and limiting unhealthy foods.
  • Abby has interviewed obese teenagers around the country and has presented their take on the issue of obesity. She presents the problems they raise and discusses the ways that they feel they can best be helped.


  • Abby Ellin’s book seems to be an autobiographical account of her own difficulties with teenage obesity and how she overcame them. While she does offer suggestions on how parents can and can’t help their kids, it isn’t a practical three step guide to achieving a healthy weight in a healthy way. Most people will find that they need more guidance and possibly an action plan with a way to track progress.
  • While Abby’s work is certainly inspirational, she is not a certified nutritionist or trainer. For those who are looking for expert medical advice and the most updated health information, they will want to find books and products written by people with training and experience in nutrition and fitness.
  • Those who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way will need more specific help than what Abby offers as a journalist.


Abby Ellin is an inspirational writer on many topics, but particularly on her work about childhood obesity. Her own perspective as a formerly overweight teenager gives credibility to her story. For those who are looking for encouragement in the right direction, her book “Teenage Waistland” would be a good read. For those who are looking for a specific action plan and guide for learning to have a healthy and active lifestyle, look for books by nutritionists and fitness experts.

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