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What You Should Know

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ABC Max Herbal Cleanse is a supplement manufactured by Aerobic Life Industries, a thirty-five -year-old health product company. It is a system-scrubbing product, designed to remove toxins and pollutants from the body.

A 90-capsule bottle of ABC Max Herbal Cleanse retails for $14.95. The instructions recommend taking one capsule per day, so a bottle will last nearly three months.

ABC Max Herbal Cleanse is not technically a diet product. It is a cleansing product for the digestive system. Its goal is to remove impurities, build-up and toxins from the body.

List of Ingredients

ABC Max Herbal Cleanse contains the following ingredients: Chickweed, Irish Moss, Marshmallow, Bayberry Bark, Plantain, Golden Seal Roof, Milk Thistle, Clove, Barberry Bark and Rosemary.

These ingredients are natural herbal ingredients, not synthetic supplements that have riskier side effects.

Product Features

ABC Max Herbal Cleanse is all-natural. It seeks to deal with a normal problem with a natural solution. One website claims that build-up and waste in the intestine can make up twenty pounds of extra weight and that cleansing the digestive system can remove that weight. The site also suggests that cleansing products like ABC Max Herbal Cleanse can stimulate the metabolism and help the dieter burn more fat.

Aside from weight loss, the ABC Max Herbal Cleanse website promotes general health benefits to this product: preventing sickness and cleaning the blood supply. They offer no research substantiating these claims, however.

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  • ABC Max Herbal Cleanse is affordable. It only costs sixty dollars a year.
  • This supplement is made of natural ingredients. There are no riskier synthetic supplements in the product.
  • The company manufacturing this product has been making health products for some time.


  • There are no promises of weight loss on the product information page. This is not a “diet” product, but a health supplement.
  • ABC Max Herbal Cleanse does not include any thermogenic fat burning ingredients.
  • This product does not emphasize the importance of exercise and activity.
  • There is no money-back guarantee on the product page.


ABC Max Herbal Cleanse makes some great claims about health improvement and body purification. The removal of toxins and built-up waste are good benefits. However, ABC Max Herbal Cleanse is not actually a diet product and may not be the best for someone who is trying to lose weight.

Since ABC Max Herbal Cleanse does not explicitly affect weight loss, it really isn’t a strong diet help. It is possible that some of its benefits may help weight loss, but that is not a guarantee. For those who are seeking to shed some pounds, ABC Max Herbal Cleanse may be part of a healthier lifestyle, but it does not function as a real weight loss supplement.

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