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You’ll quickly find that there are plenty of choices these days when it comes to fitness equipment. Probably the primary focus of this market is the abdominal muscles. This is where products like the AbCoaster come into play. The AbCoaster is basically a workout machine that targets the user’s core muscles or abdominal region. Similar to many “as seen on TV” products, this one is purchased in a payment plan fashion. Four monthly installments of $99.95 are required to purchase an AbCoaster machine. This puts the total bill at around $400 plus shipping and handling.

Although the primary purpose of the AbCoaster is to assist the user with attaining toned abs or ripped abdominal muscles, this machine additionally comes with a 14-Day Express Program, Complete Workout System DVD, Fast Track Meal Plan, and Exercise Plan as well. There is a 30-day trial offer for the AbCoaster, which costs you $14.95 (free shipping). There are success stories and before/after pictures posted on the official website. A toll free number is provided for fast and convenient ordering. Furthermore, there is a blog addressed on the website that shows professionals who utilize the AbCoaster machine. Some of the features offered on the machine itself include a digital workout counter, 1.5″ steel rails, steel bearings, powder coat finish, easy-move casters, nylon rollers, and vinyl covered molded foam pads.

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The AbCoaster is a workout/ fitness machine that is utilized in the home. This means that the main question dieters need to ask is if this is the best weight loss approach for them? How likely are you to use a complicated piece of fitness equipment, or to sit down and watch instructional dvds? Men and women can take full advantage of this product in order to potentially sculpt their mid-section. By using the AbCoaster daily, users are supposed to attain more defined and toned-up abdominal muscles. This piece of workout equipment is offered with a one-year warranty and has been featured in magazines like Shape, Flex, PFP, Vogue, Fitness Professional, Sweat, and the LA Times. There is a helpful FAQ section provided on the official AbCoaster
website to answer some questions about this machine. Naturally, this machine is encouraged to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet plan, since one is provided.

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  • This workout machine is suitable for women and men of all ages.
  • Offers some guidance on healthy dieting, as well as on using the equipment.


  • There is no way to test out the AbCoaster free of charge.
  • There are no appetite suppressants or fat burners incorporated with the AbCoaster to promote weight reduction.
  • This workout machine sells for around $400 plus shipping and handling, which may be too pricey for some individuals.
  • Usage instructions may be complicated.


The AbCoaster certainly appears to be a respectable piece of workout equipment. More than likely it will help some individuals tone up their abdominal muscles or mid-section. However, the cost of this ab machine is little on the high side at $400. Some dieters will simply not want to fork out this much money for an abdominal workout machine. Also, if you’re interested in a more simplified supplement to assist with weight loss, then this piece of exercise equipment will likely not be right for your needs and preferences. If you’re already comfortable with complicated weight loss equipment that targets specific areas, AbCoaster does seem solid, but it’s probably not what you’d want to buy as a beginning dieter.

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5 User Reviews about AbCoaster

  • 1
    Mary L Nateros

    My 60th birthday came while I was in Iraq. Soon after we came back, I retired after 20 years of military service. Along the way I developed a slight curvature of my lower spine, and no problem with the vertabreas as off yet. I wondered if the Abcoster would be a benefit or further injury to my spine. Please consult Dr Follotie MD who appeared during Montels TV show. Will appreciate your sincere answer. Mary


  • 2

    what is the difference between the AbCoaster PS 500 and the AbCoaster PS 750?


  • 3
    Gay Nell Rooney

    I have had a umbilical hernia operation 20 years ago. I am wondering if this machine would damage what the surgeon put back with mesh sewn in?



    it wont i had the same sergery about 10 years ago and its working fine for me


    Kevin McAdow

    I can not do sit ups buecause I have had several stomach surgeries.A herinea a present that they wont do surgery on unless it gets worse. can I use the AB Coaster safely. My surgeries are, Large intestine removal 17cm and a 90cm small intestine removal and a massive herenia repair. Thanks Kevin