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The Abdomenizer is a sit-up tool. It was invented in the early 1980s and sold through infomercials.

The Abdomenizer is a nearly flat piece of formed plastic about three feet wide. It has handles and fits the curve of the back and tailbone. The goal for this product is to make sit-ups and crunches easier and to prevent lower back pain.

Fitness Quest, the Abdomenizer’s manufacturer, discontinued this product and introduced other ab exercise tools in its place.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Abdomenizer was a piece of equipment.

Product Features

Exercise is, of course, an essential part of any weight loss program. Many people want to target excess weight around the waist; crunches, sit-ups, and other ab exercises are usually a good way to attempt to lose stomach weight. The Abdomenizer was invented as a way to keep abdominal exercises more consistent by controlling the body’s motion and to prevent injury by protecting the lower back and tailbone.

Since the Abdomenizer has been discontinued, it is only available from private resellers like people selling through eBay. Bidding usually starts just under twenty dollars.

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  • Exercise is important. Any thing that aids in exercise is a good addition to a diet plan.
  • Abdominal exercises strengthen the body’s core and contribute to overall muscle tone and metabolism.
  • Of course, since the Abdomenizer is equipment, there are no supplement-based side effects to deal with.
  • There are no long-term, continuous costs to using the Abdomenizer.


  • The Abdomenizer has been discontinued. Apparently there is something else that does the same thing better now.
  • Exercise equipment is only part of a good diet plan. Food choices and safe supplements can also be helpful.
  • Since it’s only equipment, the Abdomenizer does not take advantage of any thermogenic supplements for burning fat.
  • It hasn’t been proven that abdominal exercises actually get rid of stomach fat. Such “spot reduction” does not always work.
  • Since it has been discontinued, the Abdomenizer does not come with any sort of guarantee.


The Abdomenizer may help trim some fat and speed up the metabolism. Really, any exercise program or equipment will do that. Combining physical activity with healthy eating makes a weight loss program more successful than just relying on one special piece of equipment.

Since the Abdomenizer has been discontinued, it’s probably not a good choice for most dieters. There are other pieces of equipment available for stomach workouts. Also, there is no guarantee that ab exercise will actually remove belly fat. Full-body cardio routines or sustained aerobic exercise work better for many people than targeted spot reduction exercises. There doesn’t appear to be any reason to buy a discontinued product that never really guaranteed results in the first place.

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