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Abdominal Cuts Green is a Revolution Corr-Jensen Labs product. The product description claims to increase metabolism without the use of stimulation. We have yet to find a natural supplement that works to boost fat burn without stimulating the heart in some way. There are only three ingredients in Abdominal Cuts Green and none are proven fat burning ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Fucoxanthin, CLA with Sesamin, Safflower Oil.

Product Features

Fucoxanthin is found in wakeme seaweed and is supposed to target abdominal fat for fuel. The Revolution website mentions “some metabolic and nutritional studies indicate that FucoXanthin promotes fat burning…” but there are no links or references to these studies. We found the study Revolution mentioned; it was completed on rats and the weight loss was measured in grams. There is no evidence that the same results would occur in humans. The FucoXanthin used in the study had carbohydrates and proteins removed before being given to the rats.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) with sesamin used to be considered the end all supplement for fat loss. There are several name brands for CLA but the most popular is Tonalin. Dieting results were reported from all over the United States and other parts of the world as being spectacular, but soon science caught up with the scam. The natural oil supplement did not increase metabolism or fat burn. Users have reported gastrointestinal side effects including stomach pains and diarrhea from taking CLA. Safflower Oil is the source of CLA.

One bottle of Abdominal Cuts Green sells for $51.99 from the Revolution website. Revolution claims the dieter will see fat loss in the abdomen, hips and buttocks after the first bottle is complete.

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  • All ingredients are natural.
  • No stimulants.
  • Ingredients listed on the official website.


  • Ingredients are not proven to increase fat burn.
  • Clinical study mentioned was completed on rats.
  • CLA may come with gastro-based side effects.
  • No free trial is offered.


Aside from the beautiful packaging, clear bottle with green oil softgels, there is no reason to try Abdominal Cuts Green. The main ingredient is supposed to be proven, but the only tests completed were on lab rats. Reading through the study it appears carbohydrates and proteins were taken out of the seaweed before being given to the lab rats. These are calories that could have impacted total weight loss in the study.

Abdominal Cuts Green is not a supplement we would suggest dieters try. Without proof of fat loss the dieter would simply be wasting more money on a diet supplement that just didn’t work. We are still trying to figure out why the supplement is called “Green” as none of the ingredients are green and the supplement is not organic or eco-friendly.

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