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Abdominoplasty is also commonly known as a “tummy tuck.” This medical procedure involves the removal of excess fatty tissue around the abdominal region. The goal of this plastic surgery is to enhance the tummy area and allow for a smoother and firmer mid-section. Naturally, this is a form of cosmetic surgery and requires the professional assistance of a licensed surgeon. Typically, an Abdominoplasty procedure comes after an initial consultation with a physician in order to see if the procedure is suitable.

In regards to the cost of Abdominoplasty, this will vary upon the physician or clinic that is utilized. First and foremost, the interested party must pinpoint a licensed medical doctor that is trusted and skilled with the Abdominoplasty procedure. The more experience with this particular operation, the better. Some sources suggest that ASPS Member Surgeons should be sought out specifically. It is imperative to know that this cosmetic procedure is not intended to be an alternative route to healthy eating and regular exercise. It is well known that some causes of a loose or flabby tummy area are natural aging, pregnancy, prior surgery, heredity, and even major fluctuations in weight. Often weakened abdominal muscles are restored/improved after a Abdominoplasty procedure. This operation is not meant to remedy cosmetic afflictions like stretch marks.

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The cosmetic procedure known as Abdominoplasty is essentially a tummy tuck. This type of operation is primarily sought after by women who have been over weight, had children, or have simply aged with a flabby mid-section. With this medical procedure, doctors aim to remove fat tissue and loose skin from the client’s abdominal region in order to produce a more toned and smooth tummy area. The client’s overall health is evaluated prior to any Abdominoplasty surgery and an ideal patient must be a non-smoker. Some risks that apply to this operation are as follows: infection, skin loss, pain, numbness, blood clots, fluid build-up, asymmetry, nerve damage, bleeding, scarring, and skin discoloration.

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  • Individuals that have significant difficulty getting rid of excess fat and/or loose skin around their mid-section may be able to accomplish this with Abdominoplasty.
  • The results are stated to be permanent.


  • The cost of a cosmetic procedure like Abdominoplasty will be significantly higher than an oral weight loss supplement.
  • There are a number of potential side effects that go along with this medical procedure.
  • Expenses do not stop with the operation itself, but additionally involve factors like garment fees, medical test charges, hospital recovery time fees, and more.
  • Abdominoplasty is not a quick fix or replacement for healthy eating and regular exercise, which some individuals will not be happy to hear.


When it comes down to it, Abdominoplasty is a major surgery, and should not be taken lightly. This type of operation requires a great deal of investigation beforehand. While it’s nice for some individuals to have the option of such a potentially helpful cosmetic procedure, it’s imperative to find a well-recommended surgeon before proceeding with Abdominoplasty. Try to keep in mind the numerous warnings and potential side effects that go along with this surgery before choosing it for yourself.

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    I want to do this surgery but I also have a hernia do you think insurance is going to cover my surgery.



  • 2

    I just had abdominoplasty. There is significant swelling around the stitch line. Is this attributed to lymph nodes? Will is disappear? How long will it take?


  • 3

    I have lost over 140pds with gastric bypass surgery in 2006 and now I have been seen by a surgeon for removal excess skin. I am very nervous still about recovery and if my insurance will cover. I would love to know what people think about this procedure?